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    Vines: What do they Climb?

    Yea.... maybe I have to look in a freshwater bog for driftwood. And I can always attach it to the outside of the pot to mitigate the concerns, just seems like a pretty inelegant approach. Not 100% sure the origin of my plants' ancestors but the guess of the original owner is Hose Mtns. The new...
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    Vines: What do they Climb?

    Picking up on an old thread here after searching for the topic. I have a couple veitchii cuttings that are going to need a repot soon. They came from a large plant and are turning into pretty big plants themselves. I want to give them something appropriate to climb that will also end up...
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    Macrophylla help please!!!

    I read that macrophylla can be quite 'woody'. I wouldn't know because these are the first I've had. I wonder if that trait will be beneficial for the eventual transplant.
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    Macrophylla help please!!!

    I suspected as much. If it were you, at how big would you let them get before digging them up? As a FYI, repotting is inevitable at some point because there is a 3rd seedling in the same container, albeit at a safe enough distance apart that it can grow for a while with no worries.
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    Macrophylla help please!!!

    Seed grown, thanks!! - - - Updated - - - So you think we're looking at a single plant with multiple growth points? I wasn't aware that would happen for a plant at this stage. My assumption is that they're two germinated seeds that were very close to one another. I agree it should be left...
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    Macrophylla help please!!!

    I have a tiny macrophylla seedling which, upon closer inspection, seems to be two separate plants really close together. Obviously if possible, I would like both plants to survive and grow. What would be my best strategy here? separate now? separate soon? separate after a while???? don't...
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    Mold control for wood

    I have an untreated wooden shelf in my lowland nep enclosure, which is getting a bit of mold growing on it. Probably need to do something about it. Would like a solution like a paint or other coating that has no possibility of toxicity to my plants (there is a lot of evaporation and condensation...