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    Just a bit of an upgrade ;)

    Thanks Mike, yeah I like the white too, very clean and white is actually said to better at reflecting than silver. I did my enclosure with the silver coated construction foam since it's at least more reflective than the pink foam. But your new setup is giving me ideas for the next builds!
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    Just a bit of an upgrade ;)

    Cool, I didn't know flex seal was available in white. I think on FB you had said this beauty was 8 ft x 4 ft x 3 ft for each level? How much Flex Seal did you use to coat the two levels? A single 1 gallon can or more?
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    Klossii clones

    Good news! Now if sellers won't relabel the other questionable clones as this one...
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    Mantid Madness!

    LOL "Cats Eye Glasses"
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    Klossii clones

    Thanks Clue! I was going to get one of those that Tony P was selling years back but I think I had gotten laid off just before was why I didn't get one. I remember him telling me they were ready along with the N. pervellei I was after, so someone else got those.
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    Klossii clones

    It's just that in this case one could end up spending $400 on a maxima hybrid. Is there no confirmed klossii clones yet? I dd see one seller claiming to have some but they weren't the ones they were selling.
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    Klossii clones

    N. klossii has been making an appearance online for sale but the clone numbers are not the ones discussed and shown here. Is there an update to the list of clones and their probabilities?
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    Indoor Sphganum Farm

    Here is the sphagnum planting after 10 days You can see it's grown in about an inch or so and greened up some. At some point since planting I did give it a light misting of urea free Grow More orchid fertilizer 20-10-20. Currently it's not directly lit, the sphagnum tub just sits next to my...
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    Indoor Sphganum Farm

    I recently setup my new indoor sphagnum farm for a self sustaining source of live moss. This is using some sphagnum from Florida I'm hoping it will be content growing indoors and in terrariums year round unlike northern temperate sphagnum which tends to get unhappy after a while indoors. The...
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    New Nep potting and acclimating help needed.

    If you bag the plant then it will acclimate to the bag and then you'll have to acclimate it again as you loosen and eventually remove the bag. Just get the acclimation to it's new place over with instead of drawing it out any longer than necessary - which for some species can be very long. No...
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    South window terrarium build, help me design it!

    Yes that is still called a "terrarium" but in a south facing window it could be called a "veggie steamer". :P Before you get any plants get a thermometer and find out how hot it's actually going to get inside the tank in the direct sun especially if you have a lid on it to hold in the...