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    Looking For (To Buy) Looking to buy VFT JAWS All RED Variation- Does it exist?

    I am basically trying to find an all red variation of the large trap Jaws VFT if it exists. If you know where I can find this please let me know
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    Looking For (To Buy) WTB Darlingtonia Californica

    Looking to buy a potted Darlingtonia Californica of any size. thank you for your time
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    Looking For (To Buy) Looking for Drosera Rotundifolia seeds

    Was able to find all the seeds I was looking for except these ones. Oddly enough
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    Hi. I saw your response regarding drosera seeds and I wanted to see if you could help me out...

    Hi. I saw your response regarding drosera seeds and I wanted to see if you could help me out before spring starts. below are the drosera I'm looking for. thank you for your time. D. intermedia, D rotundifolia, D. capillaris, D Nidifmoris, D burmanni, D madagascarensis, D venusta
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    Looking For (To Buy) Seeking well known drosera seeds

    Hi all, I was looking to get a variety of seeds from a variety of smaller drosera species that I don't have. I was hoping to get the majority of them from one person before spring. I will list the ones of interest below. please PM me and thank you for your time. D. intermedia, D rotundifolia...
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    Temperate Pings media question

    I know that Primuliflora, planifolia, and ionatha can grow in pure Live Sphagnum moss nearly submerged. However, should I grow Caerula, Lutea, and Pumila in Live Sphagnum as well but just with a lower water table than the other 3 or should I use a different media choice?
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    Is my Ant Plant dead?

    Damn, its soft and squishy. I guess I'll have to replace it :(
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    Is my Ant Plant dead?

    I can't find much information on my ant plant so I thought I would ask here to see who has experience growing these plants. My greenhouse got down to the low 30s this winter in southern California. I thought this plant was hardier than it is showing. I have since installed a heater on a timer...
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    WTB: WTB Drosera and Pinguicula species

    WTB: WTB Drosera and Pinguicula species Seeds and pullings will suffice as well. Please let me know if you can help me. Pinguicula rotundiflora x hemiepiphytica Pinguicula Laueana Drosera rotundifolia seeds Drosera latifolia Drosera graomogolensis List Date: 2/12/2017 For more info, click...
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    Cheapest alternative to distilled bottled water?

    What is a good reverse osmosis system that I can use instead of buying endless gallons of distilled water? Thank you for your time
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    Enagic Kangen Water machine?

    Thank you for the detailed response
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    Enagic Kangen Water machine?

    I have one of these machines and I am wondering if any of the ph settings are safe for carnivorous plants. thank you
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    Where to currently find Drosophyllum lusitanicum (Dewy Pine) Plants for sale?

    Can someone please PM if they have access to or are selling a growing plant of this variety. thank you
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    WTB: WTB various plants

    WTB: WTB various plants Drosera intermedia VFT red piranha VFT red fused tooth S Hurricane creek white S Judith hindle Dewy Pine List Date: 8/8/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB: WTB various plants -------------------------------------- Want to Buy (WTB) Please...
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    Sarracenia Giveaway #7

    1) SerMuncherIV - Thank you!! 2) bijillon 3) Pk93 4) dr_donut, you truly are a generous person! 5) SgtSarracenia - thank you 6) Yuusui 7)Spintix357- Thank you!