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    Dangit, left plant out for 20 mins and its...

    Ok I thought I would treat my plant today, so I left it outside for 20 mins and its toast. Its right at teh stage where everything is dropping and looks like it got nuked. Its not crispy dead, but its droopy looking.. what should I do to quickly help my plant? So far I went and got a spray...
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    Hello! had a venus flytrap, but now ive got a ping

    Got a few questions, second time at doing a carnivorious plant, but ive got some simple questions.. What type of water do they take? (Distilled or tap) How big do they get? Are the same, where they are fine without bugs? How many hours of sunlight should they receive? How wet do they like it...
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    Mine does that too. I cant sink it..... SO I tapped twoonies and loonies around it and that is enough to sink it with a fewon the soil. Just find any method to sink that baBY!
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    White "worms" ?

    Everyone seems to get those! A non-harmful way to get rid of them is to sumerge your vft overnight (24 hours minimum, I did 48) and they are all dead! If ya get them again, do it again! Your vft may like it. But keep in mind they will kill your VFT they eat anything aro0und them including plants.
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    Defected leaves, bumpy and stunted growth

    Um, this is its first year so no dormancy... nearly killed it too so right now its like spring for it (finally recovered) and ya... um its in a 4" inch pot... and i just give it lamp light for say 8 am till 10pm. It shows no sign of burnt or being worn out from it. I give it salt free, mineral...
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    Defected leaves, bumpy and stunted growth

    Well Ive noticed 2 leaves have sprouted out of my VFT. One is normal size with a small trap (wont be mature i dont think) but the leave is VERY VERY VERY bumpy. It looks like it absorbed minerals and through them into the leaf. (not really) It really looks like sand grew into the leaf but of...
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    I was very reluctant to go to distilled water as it was alot of effort to flush the soil and get some water for it... But in the end it saved my dying vft =)
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    Trap wont reopen

    I had a trap that lasted a month... near a month I started to water the edge of it to losen the glue that holds it shut? (dont know if there is any) but I also took a knight and just barely kept slicinga tad of it open starting from the cornors... evuntally it opened up (half open and I just cut...
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    Humane trap... get a dog or a cat ... Borrow someones dog or cat for a few days??
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    Dieing plantlets

    Dunk them. Then just them almsot at 100% humidity... you want to remoisturize the parts that are still savable and severly dried up. I would (what I do) is heavly spray it (so its not sitting in water but alot of water in the container) and then put it in something I can close so no water gets...
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    New plant (pics)

    lol yours is like 15-20 traps... mine is struggling to keep its 3... lol.... as soon as it grows a leaf.. it dies.. -(
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    Traps still closed! (arg!)

    dont worry... i had a trap that took 3 weeks but finally opened. Just be patient... it will open!
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    Is He dead?

    wait a minute....... it must form a complete seal around the bug? like hmmm;.... cause even if a leg is sticking out it wouldn;t close now will it ALWAYS mold if its not fully closed (eg. no oxygen in it(
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    I taped loonies and twoonies to my plant cause it kept floating back up. heh. Anyways My mom told me they will lay eggs... so keep a eye on your plant... I plant to give mine a few soakers along the way cause of that. So with 24 hours you killed your worms? cause right now im on like 32 horus...
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    Call me mr little scientis... but i did a few things with the mini worms... if ya drop them on a hot surface (lamp) they die instantly. if ya hold them mm away from the bulb they will "cook" after about 30-60 seconds however if you stick them up near the base of the bulb (in the lamp) they...