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    ScatterPants Mexican Pinguicula

    Thank you for the kind words! Yes the esseriana is in a 2" pot and has been the happiest pot of them I've had. Lately I mostly just lay extra leaves next to the plants in their pot for pullings instead of going through extra steps but part of that is also because I have the luxury of having...
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    ScatterPants Mexican Pinguicula

    Haven't been around these parts in a while and thought I should post some pictures in this thread. You all shared your experiences with me and helped me get started so I pretty much owe you all some pictures :pics: P. laueana P. cyclosecta Yucca Do 1713 P. esseriana in full bloom Same...
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    In the spotlight

    Hate to be that guy but the saying is exactly the opposite: "One bad apple spoils the bunch," which is true of apples :sorry: I'm pretty annoyed with the article and its misrepresentations. Our group is such a great bunch and it's really not warranted to insinuate that we're anything else.
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    That Phal. Gretchen has nice foliage...reminds me a bit of my schilleriana. Lovely Brassocatt or whatever it may be called.
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    ScatterPants Mexican Pinguicula

    I wouldn't have ibarrae without you raycer so thanks! The collection continues to growwwwww. jimscott nice pings there...what you got?
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    Forum/shoutbox update!

    Wow you're right it's not doing that anymore! On the computer I could handle it ok but on the tablet it was quite a chore to read older messages sometimes. Nice!
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    Fasciation fascination

    Bumping an old thread to add my P. ehlersiae. I was hesitant to say it was crested because I've seen once with a jaumavensis where it appeared to be on the verge of cresting but instead just divided but now I'm pretty convinced. My plant used to look like this March 5th: Here it is May...
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    ScatterPants Mexican Pinguicula

    Oo that's interesting to find out...I have some debbertiana but they haven't flowered yet. Biggest one is somewhere between quarter and half dollar size at the moment.
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    ScatterPants Mexican Pinguicula

    Just a few recent pics: P. reticulata. I didn't realize the flowers open and close every day! P. ibarrae's first flower P. Yucca Do 1717. I like its neat form
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    Utricularia, section Orchidioides - info sharing & discussion

    Well I guess this would be a good spot to post these pictures. I got this U. asplundii x campbelliana a couple months back. It came with a couple leafy bits and the start of a bud. I was thinking maybe the bud would abort but just left it alone and now it is starting to open. This is my...
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    A new place for meeting photos!

    I didn't get pictures of every plant and sorry if I get any IDs wrong - just let me know so I can correct them. It was a fun time as always and somehow my streak of acquiring new Mexican Pinguicula at the meetups continues! Benurmanii's P. primuliflora 'Rose' Patrick's D. adelae 'Giant'...
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    help butterwort pest ?

    100% turface works and I've been told aquatic planting medium (API Pondcare brand) can be good too if turface is a pain to get a hold of, though haven't tried myself. Ben's mix is very nice but requires more individual components so turface is great for lazy bums like me.
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    help butterwort pest ?

    Fungus gnat larvae would be a pretty common type of wormy looking thing you might see especially if you are using a peaty medium.