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    Sarracenia hybrid characteristics and tendencies

    Hybrids? OH MY, the books that could be written. There is no set answer. As one on my mentors once told me, "The Plants don't read the books." This is what makes hybridization so interesting is you NEVER know what you will get, you can only hope. The hope I have for you is that you are patient...
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    S. "Savanna Fire", NEW unregistered cultivar winner adnedarn $40

    Being offered for the first time from my private breeding program is an outstanding plant I call, "Savanna Fire." The fires that raged in South Georgia and Northern Florida last spring and burned major portions of the Okefenokee Swamp inspired the name. It is a moorei x purp ven Burkei cross...
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    'Leah Wilkerson' ???? wmgorum $80

    NO 'LEAH WILKERSON' THIS YEAR>>>> SORRY I know you all are disappointed that I am not offing a 'Leah Wilkerson' but instead I thought I would offer a "WILKERSON' S RED" instead to keep things different and interesting. Another in the ceaseless line of outstanding Wilkerson plants. There are...
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    A VERY nice copper etching of Sarracenia catsbaei winner PlantAKiss $10

    It is eight feet by 5 and a half feet. It would look lovely in a grand entrance hall. I know well all have one of those. Just kidding, about 4"x 8"
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    A VERY nice copper etching of Sarracenia catsbaei winner PlantAKiss $10

    Being offered is a very nice etching of Sarracenia catsbaei on a copper plate in a simple but nice frame. Artist is K. V. Herndon of Atlanta Bidding starts at $5 Winner pays $6 shipping http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk49/SarraceniaObsessed/IMG_1129.jpg
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    Spring Pics! Bucky's Bogs

    Looks like a mouse cemetery nonetheless you are still my hero and I hope that one day my collection can look like yours. SO
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    accidental freeze while cold stratifying

    Freezing can actually speed up the vernalization/stratification process. The seeds will be fine. They freeze in their native habitats.
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    deer roping

    I have just taken up deer hunting (for food) and heard the stories of just how dangerous these animals can be but honestly, I was rolling on the floor laughing.
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    What the hell is this!?

    As above post stated, Exyra moth. VERY VERY BAD! you do NOT want these in your collection. Unchecked they can do serious damage to the pitchers. Check every pitcher for these and kill them. The only spray i have forund that works is BT sprayed inside each and every pitcher. It is important to...
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    A different kind of conservation

    I recently have had an enlightening experience and have put it into story form. I am considering submitting it to a publication but it definatly will go on my new revised web site. I am posting it here to get people thinking. Bobby Weaver Story: A Different Side of Conservation Since my...
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    Fall S. leucophylla Flowers and Other seedlings?

    The leucos are responding to the day length. The day lenght now is about the same as in the spring when they bloom. The plant cannot tell it is going in reverse. enjoy the flower or cut it off I think it will make no difference. The Drosera looks to be D. burmanii and needs to come inside for...
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    Sarracenia Land

    Looks like the Apalachicola National Forest to me, means the plants are somewhat protected. The ping is plainifolia, the green one I don't know. maybe a green form or possible the exceedingly rare, Ping. ionatha.
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    MEMBERS PHOTOS!  Let us see you!

    A new photo I got such greif for the last photo and it has been several years. I figured it was time for a new one...doing what I love. "DANG, it's hot out here!"