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    What item(s) do you expect to donate to the auction?

    Probably some use the force bathroom signs, maybe a N. Sanguinea basal
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    Mantid Madness!

    How much space do the ghost manti need? I’m slightly interested in raising some.
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    Vines: What do they Climb?

    I think only certain locations forms can form the tree trunk wrap around, however, I am unsure
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    What would you like to be able to bid on in the 2021 NASC auction?

    Would there be any interest in a N. sanguinea basal with a 5-6 inch leaf span?
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    What would you like to be able to bid on in the 2021 NASC auction?

    I have some plant tags, how many would you want?
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    What are Death Cubes?

    Here is a YouTube video on it by Brad’s Greenhouse Venus FlyTrap “Death Cube” : Everything Wrong with a Venus Flytrap “Death Cube” Part 1/3
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    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    I’m not too far from you so I’ll probably put mine out tomorrow. How deep do you bury the plants in the leaves, I’ll run out off room eventually in the garage so I’ll need to start putting them outside in a few years.
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    Excited for the NASC Auction!!!

    Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully I can find a few engines to fix to get some extra cash before the auction.
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    Flowering Ping

    I have been wanting to grow some pings for a while, do you know of any that would thrive outside during the summer in zone 6b?
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    New TerraForums software! Report issues and all that here.

    Just wondering, is the icon for the tab the google translate icon for anybody else?
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    Give Away 2 Pinguicula lauena x emarginata plants + babies

    1) John7429 2) zacher93 3) Nikki630 4)Sanguinearocks101-Thank You 5)
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    Current Personal Ramblings-Non Hobby Style

    I hate dandelions, they are the mortal enemy of my lawn, garden, and possibly my bog garden once I put it outside next year.
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    Hi from Northern Colorado!

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Plant of the Month October 2020

    A newly opened S x readii pitcher. It can get very dark purple when the pitcher ages.