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    N. Truncata Lowland for trade

    I have a large, (last pitcher was 9 inches) Truncata Lowland that I simply don't have room or climate for anymore. The plant is about 12-14 inches across and produces large, mature pitchers. I can get a picture for anyone interested, but it will be later tonight. I am looking for less common...
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    Cephalotus "Hummer's Giant" plant

    you guys are missing out. I traded for one of JLAP's "hummer" cephs at the beginning of last year, and it was just a cutting, but now it is huge. It's put off two more growth points. This is a very resiliant and vibrant plant.
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    Pyro's end of summer getting rid of plants post

    ditto. My regia had a rough start, but the blackening of the leaf tips is slowing down a bit. The Pings took no slow down. They are on fire. And no not literally. :-)) The plants were rinsed, potted up and put in my high humidity terrarium. They will all survive now. I have lost a few...
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    Pyro's end of summer getting rid of plants post

    oh, yeah, email sent yesterday! :-))
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    Nice sized N. red dragon for trade PICS!

    How do you keep your sphag so green while not overwatering your nep, Clint?
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    Interesting seed germination instructions

    As weird as it might sound, this works. I tried it with the last batch of nep seeds i had, and got quite a high success rate. Don't always be so quick to say "Oh, it WON'T work!" I find that light is not needed to be so strong. Everyone will tell you, put the pot really close to the light...
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    I don't know if the little pup buds would survive SASE, but yes, you ARE crazy for thinking I was ANYMORE of this plant. I received a few little buds from a freind a few months ago. Now the plant is in three other pots. Mother Nature definitely wanted Mother of Thousands to stay in...
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    N. Ventricosa seeds available

    Got em today, thanks!
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    Sarracenia Hybrid (Newbie)

    with the purpurea in it's bloodline, it will survive very cold temperatures. I would put the plant on the counter in your kitchen if you leave. It should be bright AND dark enough in winter for it. I would say if it gets cold, THATS A GOOD THING. Sarracenia are used to cold winters, in fact...
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    Nepenthes flava

    hmm... that's weird. Not sure Flava was the right name to pick.
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    Cephalotus care?

    Ooh! Can I say it too? Use the search feature. HAHA! Seriously, you'll find many different methods. I don't use a tray. I have mine in a windowsill, but I live in Seattle, so it's pretty humid here. Um.. Just be sure to let it dry out between waterings. And don't move it around a lot...
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    2 new plants

    I personally think N. Truncata is one of the most magnificent of the species. Not just the size, but the peristome, and the throat blotching. Everything is gorgeous on this plant. Nice plant PK.
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    someone help

    I have to. She's very thoughtful coming here to get answers, though. Considering this is where she sees me go ALL THE TIME!! :)
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    someone help

    except that she didn't count on me actually using MY account and seeing that she posted this....nice. So now I know! :-O She should've just googled it. lol
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    someone help

    i am trying to purchase a icps membership for my husband for his birthday where do I go to do this?