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    Nepenthes terrarium light question

    I had a question about lighting for a nepenthes terrarium. I just got a 80 x 60 x 50 cm terrarium and I am wanting to grow several nepenthes in it. (Perhaps house 2 bigger ones in there permanently) I was wondering what kind of lighting would be best. I am finding a lot of different answers...
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    Mystery Nepenthes not pitchering

    Perfect! Yeah I was just hoping that even though it is vining, it will eventually still grow pitchers. But I guess I have to be patient and just keep an eye on its health, and keep my fingers crossed that after a few months they will come! Thanks for the response.
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    Mystery Nepenthes not pitchering

    The Nepenthes above it is a month older and I placed it there on day 1, but when I bought it it also already had several pitchers on them. It seems to be doing really well in that place though, and it is positively FULL of wasps. So the conditions at this place should be fine, and the only...
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    Mystery Nepenthes not pitchering

    Hello, I am new to the forum but I hope that I can find some help. About 2 months ago I bought a nepenthes without a tag at a garden store. It also had no pitchers so I have no idea about the kind. However, during the last 2 months it has only been vining without a single pitcher developing...
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