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  • Assuming the person with the same avatar name on pitcherplant.proboards.com is you: I replied to your message on proboards. Hope to hear back ;)
    I might add that I do have:

    import/export permits as well as:
    CITES 1&2 USDA Aphis plant importation permit, small seed, plant tissue, plant product
    Hey guys,

    So far, we were "rejected"
    I am going to keep trying though...

    I am terribly sorry for this sudden change.
    Pmed you about the group order. I hope its not too late, Christian just emailed me.
    is there any updates with the seeds? Also, I have been trying to contact you via email.
    I have sent you a PM, as we are not allowed to discuss vendors in public.

    Again, I am terribly sorry about this.
    Hey, where did you get the villosa? People are telling me it is macropylla
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