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    I have P. primuliflora 'white flower' for trade

    I have some p. laueana typical that I've started propagating, have some sprouted leaf pullings at the moment, I think the plantlets are about 1cm in overall size right now if interested. My grow list should be up to date as well.
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    sarracenia seed giveaway

    Because this is a pet peeve of mine, and not actually because I want to get in on this (don't have space yet, as much as I'd like to have more seeds, I have enough to accommodate already), don't forget to create a cumulative list for the ease of the give-away-er! 1. SkaMania 2. Marcos Alexandre...
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    I'm Back With No Plants! :O

    That sucks! :ohno: Sorry mate. Did you give them a bill for all the losses? What plants are you looking to start back up with? The local meetup should be great to help with that I'm sure, and certainly people on here would be happy to help!
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    Drosera sessilifolia seeds

    1. DeadlyCarnivore - Thanks! 2. Grey Moss - Thank you 3. Doomsday - Thank you! 4. adnedarn. Much thanks =) 5. Dendrobater - Merci! 6. PsychoSarah - Yay! Thank you so much! 7. Pearldiver - Thanks! 8. Ertnirp - Thank you for the generosity! 9. emc2 - Thanks! 10. Raistlarn - Thank you 11. Alita -...
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    adnedarn's 1/2017 seed giveaway: Sarracenia, Drosera, Drosophyllum, VFT

    I'm down for cold hardy seeds anytime! S. 'Dana's Delight x OP (3 packs) 1) 2) 3) ... S. 'Doreen's Colossus' x Leah Wilkerson (1 pack) 1) 2) 3) ... S. (alata x minor) X OP (1 pack) 1) 2) 3) ... S. flava var Cuprea x OP (2 packs) 1) 2) 3) ... VFT (1 pack) 1) 2) 3) ...
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    Drosera Seed Giveaway

    1. FLTropical - thanks for the offer! 2. Ertnirp (I appreciate the generosity!) 3. Plant Heathen - Thanks for the chants (D. Aliciae) 4. Tmurphy44870 - d aliciae 5. Kjnorris918- D. Aliciae- Thank you for your generosity! 6. Bijillon - thanks for the opportunity! 7. Dexenthes - count me in! 8...
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    Can I use rocks below the peat moss mixture?

    I would guess the kind of rocks might matter, depending on what soluble mineral content might be present that could leach into the water and then be taken up into the medium and the plants. I am curious to learn what you find out, as I have an interest in this same kind of growing set up, but...
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    'Tis the season for Gemmae

    Mine arrived and were planted today, thank you flora! Mostly intact too, even though the person at work who picked up my mail thought she might have squished it >.<
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    'Tis the season for Gemmae

    D. Scorpioides 1. IDgalaxy 2. erikHIplants - Thanks a bunch! 3. Bijillon - I have been wanting some for a while now, guess I got lucky! 4. emc2 - thanks for the opportunity! 5. chrysamphora, Merry Christmas! 6. Huntsmanshorn 7. afrodisa - thanks for the opportunity 8. Ertnirp - thank you, and...
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    Cephalotus cube display piece

    That's interesting that you've grown them on those media. Does that mean they're more tolerant of other compounds in their growing substrate, such as minerals that might leach from the bonsai pot? Or are you using a fully glazed pot or treating it in some other way? Similarly, would driftwood be...
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    Unknown pinguicula, suspect esseriana?

    The first picture is the same plant as the bottom two with the flower if that helps at all. It sounds like you think the flower is esseriana though, thank you! I'll wait until the other plants flower to ask about them!
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    Unknown pinguicula, suspect esseriana?

    Link here: Pinguicula identification opportunity - Album on Imgur I have pictures of both it's carnivorous and succulent state with a flower that just opened.
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    Are there any Michigan Groups/Meetups?

    Hey All, So, I'm jealous of all the folks in larger areas with CP focused groups. Are there any CP groups in Michigan that already exist that I just haven't found yet? I know there are folks here from our lovely Mitten, I just didn't know how well we were (or weren't) organized. I see the...
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    My newest, simplist bog garden. (Sharing pics)

    That's nice! I'm curious to hear how they over winter, as I live in Michigan too and want to make an outdoor bog garden/planter. Where do you live roughly? I'm in northern lower peninsula.
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    Birthday giveaway!! S. Jonseii

    Fixed list, it looks like lifeonmars accidentally got bumped off the list, so I added them back on.