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    Suggestions wanted

    That's the thing, it isn't a variety, but rather a complex hybrid that happens to remain extremely small thus far (producing its first intermediate pitcher at less than 4 inches in diameter). It's one of a kind until I propagate it, which is why I said I am probably the only person that has a...
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    Suggestions wanted

    Ha, yeah, I probably have the only plant that has produced intermediate pitchers that small, and it will be a long time before I can be sure that it'll remain small long term and to propagate it.
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    Pitcher of the Month September 2018

    Hey, was that one from me? If so, I'd love to see how the other one has grown up as well.
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    Pitcher of the Month August 2018

    Lol, 3 way tie for a thing that doesn't even have the hall of fame updated anymore.
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    Questions about N. Jamban & N. Glabrata

    I numbered your questions so I could number my answers to them. 1. That humidity should be fine, and I wouldn't bother misting the plants ever. Misting doesn't really do much. 2. Never put carnivorous plants in metal pots. The pots can leech the metals into the soil, slowly poisoning the...
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    Nepenthes Pollen

    It is very good that it has two bundles of flowers and that one is not open yet! My friend's male flowers are currently ripening and will be good for harvesting soon, so hopefully he could get some to you in time for the second batch of flowers. Talk to him through his thread in the...
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    Nepenthes Pollen

    Oh dear, I don't know if anyone in the US could get pollen shipped to you fast enough with all the flowers already open. You gotta seek out pollen before that, heck, before any of the flowers are open if you already know the plant's gender. Unfortunately, I've already given all my pollen, I...
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    Asking help for my various newly acquired Nepenthes (with pics)

    The humidity in your area is so naturally high that I don't think you need to artificially increase it at all to get plentiful pitchers from most of your plants (bicalcarata and ampullaria might drop pitchers during the lowest humidity months). Light is key to these plants having enough energy...
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    Deformed Nepenthes Stalk/Pitchers

    Sounds like a plan, dude.
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    Nepenthes Chaniana

    I've grown it for a while. Not a hard plant by any means, but might need higher than typical ambient humidity at smaller sizes (might be a quirk of the BE clone I have). It does, however, grow somewhat slowly. It likes a lot of light and normal house temperature ranges (65-75 degrees F).
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    Deformed Nepenthes Stalk/Pitchers

    It's only been a few days since you sprayed it; it'll be a while before the plant recovers, and as I said before, after another 3 days from today you'll need to spray again. You should also change the media as well; eggs and even adults might try to hide out in it. I know you just repotted, but...
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    Deformed Nepenthes Stalk/Pitchers

    No, damage to the roots wouldn't make the main growth point look like that; only sort of physical damage that could is damage directly to the growth point. I'd conclude aphids. Neem oil would cause the adults to flee/die, but you'd have to spray it again in a week or so to make sure any...
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    Deformed Nepenthes Stalk/Pitchers

    It is possible if you weren't very gentle with repotting that you severely damaged the plant. If it has basals which are entirely unaffected, feel free to remove some of them and root them away from the main plant just in case. Aphids are extremely small and often green, have you tried...
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    Deformed Nepenthes Stalk/Pitchers

    I'd say that stress from repotting wouldn't be the cause of this. Ventratas are extremely tough to the point that you'd have to purposely damage it to get anything noticeable. Check the undersides of the leaves for damage and pests. I also don't think this is root rot or any other sort of...