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    Black Friday Plants

    Nice plants! I myself got a N. talangensis x robcantleyi a few months ago as well and it has been consistently been putting out larger pitchers for me. Post more pictures of these guys later on I'd like to see how they look once they get larger as well.
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    Walk through the local Greenhouse

    Hmm... can't see the images still even with the tip.
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    Drosera muncher

    If I was a random web surfer and happened upon this thread I might begin to question the sanity of this world.
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    D. Binata seed giveaway

    In a week or so if I don't send out anymore seeds then anyone who wants more seeds can contact me and I'll send them out since I still have a pretty good amount of them.
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    D. Binata seed giveaway

    No problem. Thanks for signing up I wouldn't want all these seeds to be wasted by not being spread around.
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    Trip to Goat Marsh near Mt. St. Helens (Pics)

    Very nice pictures. I'll have to check out Goat Marsh next time I'm up that way. How did you first find out about that place?
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    D. Binata seed giveaway

    Just make sure you guys PM me so I can get you the address.
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    D. Binata seed giveaway

    Hey guys I have some seeds from my Binata. I'm not sure exactly what variety it is since they grew from seeds that were in the pots of some Sarracenias that I obtained last summer. A guess might be that they are of the "Triffida" form. The rules are anyone can join just start a numbered list...
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    Unwanted seeds/plants

    Were you looking to trade?
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    Where do you get your Nepenthes from?

    Ah, so that is their secret eh?
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    Sarracenia Giveaway #1

    1. dr_donut, thank you for this giveaway! 2. Curtisconners, fingers crossed! 3.zsyxcbibi, 6 giveaway in a roll, you must a saint from sarr heaven! 4. HeliamWalnut reminds me, I need to do a giveaway soon... 5. NatchGreyes - Thanks! 6. yuusui 7. Puppetmonarch 8. Flora 9.ngantnier-thanks for the...
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    N. campanulata appreciation thread!

    This is a long lasting thread.
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    N. clipeatas

    Well good things come to those who wait and your plants look well cared for.
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    Spring of 2016 has sprung!

    I think your bog garden set-up looks very nice. Keep up the good work!