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    Give Away Mature Sarracenia

    if any are left let me know i would love some more variety for my nano bog
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    Give Away Free Flower and Vegetable Seeds

    i would be into some them flowers seeds, do not have tonne of space but have few 5-7 square feet planter box spaces to fill wife would like flowers so this could be good, i use organic living soil in containers since landlord said no in ground planting , also love to water plants with the fish...
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    Looking For (To Buy) easy to grow sundew plantlets, seeds, or leaf pullings for indoor and out in zone 8b

    looking for easy to plants or seeds or even leaf pulling if cloneable via leaf and price is right. trying get more plants with very limited budget all the sundew seeds i had did not germ
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    Drosera capensis "Big Pink" plants

    1) CoolCapensis 2) Dexenthes 3) Raistlarn 4) Viking 5) birdybrain 6) mikefallen13 - Thanks! 7) 8)PsychoSarah - 8 is my lucky number 9) kdlaws - As a newbie, I really appreciate the help getting my collection started! Thanks!! 10) Incspir 11)Christ.ian3 12)tatorger- thanks for the chance and i...
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    Hello all

    welcome hope ya enjoy as much i have or more.
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    Drosera Seed What is too old ?

    looking like i got life in the first of my pots, looking mostly like tiny cotyledon now , exciting been number years since started some dews from seed. gonna get some bloodworms or daphnia to feed them when i can see the dew.
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    Sundew Seeds on Ground Coco Fiber?

    i know some guys using coir for mycology, aLotta mushrooms are salt sensitive, and most i have spoken with say they have not had salt issues, one of them even tds'd tested it, said generally salt was no issue in his tests. that being said i think most the modern day vendors get it from sources...
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    sarracenia seed giveaway

    i would like to add some more sar to collection please sign me up. all my north american pitchers same kind looking kinda like rubra, but they just coming outta dormancy was one them bug eating plant cubes and shows pic of a s. purpea but at this point not convinced that what it is. bound to be...
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    Sundew Seeds on Ground Coco Fiber?

    some of the suppliers of the coco coir, are not so good at rinsing it of it's salt. so my advice is to soak and wash the coir very well with rain or r/o distilled water. with that said other day i bumped into a thread on here talking about sundews grown on coco. i myself would love to know...
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    Hello From the PNW

    i'm closer to seattle and have had various cp over the years. i know for sundews specificly may not need terraium, but live in a small apartment so would like to have them in my old 5 gallon hexagon fish tank. orignally i had got all my CP from a place in seattle, had thouse for good 3 or 4...
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    Drosera Seed What is too old ?

    i know from experience with other seeds, sometimes i can take longer to get old seeds to germ and i see no reason cp seed would be much different. pretty sure refrigeration and dry space for seeds would be part of keeping them longer, my seeds here where not stored in best way possible. but...
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    Drosera Seed What is too old ?

    recently i was digging through my things i found some drosera seed from 2005 -2006, i decided to plant them it has been about 2 weeks now not signs of life yet. the ones i have on moss are d. spatulata, d. capensis and d. burmanii . that had me wondering what are the oldest sundew seeds any one...
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    Hello From the PNW

    hello fellow CP'ers i have browsed the forums for while now, learned north American pitcher plants and cobra lily grow so much better outdoors. do not have much in way of place for many outdoor plants, so looking to get a terraium setup indoors have some dews and pings that will do ok. look...
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    cultured live fish foods?

    i been looking into culturing various live foods. but i have questions about the pproduction of a given type of culture i have the following cultures at this point . Red Wigglers White worms (just now getting established) vinagar eels microworms Black worms (in middle of getting established)...