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    Cephalotus from leaf cuttings

    Hi all I have a cephalotus that has tons of non carnivorous leaves. i was thinking of doing leaf cuttings and neve did this with them. If any one has experience in this, i would love to hear from you or gane any wisdom from all. Thanks Jim
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    Rion GreenHouses

    Thanks all for the help and reading!! much appreciated Thanks Jim
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    Rion GreenHouses

    Hi All Does any one have a Rion GreenHouse? Looking into one, looks strong and say can hold 1100 lbs of show and 80 mph winds. 16 ft long version. Thoughts would be appreciated . Thanks Jim
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    Wholesale nursery pots?

    Sorry for a late response this is where i get mine http://plasticflowerpots.net/35inchpots.aspx hope this helps Jim
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    Thank you to all!

    I want to thank you all who donated plants and unusual thing for a great cause. Next year i will donate to this as i have started to grow extras. It is nice to see everyone helping out these beautiful and wonderful plants! Thanks Jim