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    Small Black Bugs in Water Tray

    Ahhh great call that has to be it thank you! I had looked up springtails before, but the first pictures I saw didn't look very similar. Now that I am scrolling through I see the similiarities. I just can't let them get as big as they are in some of these pictures!!
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    Small Black Bugs in Water Tray

    Let's see if these pictures help at all. They have black, almost caterpillar-like bodies with antennas. Looks like there are 10-15 in this cluster this morning.
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    Small Black Bugs in Water Tray

    Hi All, I am new to VFTs, I have had this one for about two months. It has seemed to grow well up to this point (wish there was a little more sun in San Francisco) and I have not had issues. The other week, I noticed these very small, black bugs in the water tray. They are so small I cannot...
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