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    What size pot?

    Thank you very much.
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    What size pot?

    I just got back from Lowe's with my mother. There, I saw the usual few Cps that were dying, but I noticed 6 VFTs that couldn't have been there for longer than a couple of days. There was no sign of any death, they were perfectly green with some red in the middle. They weren't large, though. They...
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    Pitcher pics

    *Is stunned over the villosa*
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    Happy fourth of july!

    Happy 4th of July everyone!
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    Woolly pics for rl7836

    *Is in awe* Wow. I love them all!
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    A few dews...

    Very nice! They look at home in your terrarium.
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    I lost my first plant

    I'm sorry to hear that. Mine suffered the same fate, awhile back actually, when I left it in a hot place for too long. I haven't had the best luck with Cobras.
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    Lowland jewels

    I love the peristomes on the truncatas, Trent.:O
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    What email do you use and why?

    I use a GMail account. It is fun trying to fill it up, just because of the fact that they give you so much space to begin with. I personally like GMail more than Yahoo or Hotmail, just because it seems more organized, IMO.
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    A pic of my smallest ping

    I love it. It reminds me of esseriana, which is my fav. I like them because they look more like flowers, especially with the nice pink/red coloring.
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    To flower or not to flower...

    I would cut of the stems either way, even if the species seeded well or not, just because of the fact that flowering drains the plant so much. Of course, if you are wanting seed, you wouldn't want to take this route.
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    Need suggestion on fish

    I also go with Whiteclouds, especially if you are horrified of guppies eating their young. Try 'em out and see if you like them.
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    N. ampullaria

    Oooo! Sounds very interesting. Please keep us updated with how everything works out. I am very intrigued.
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    Another bog garden worry

    I'm not familiar with how reverse osmosis systems work, I just know the final product, but can't you just take the water to the plants? You don't necessarily need a hose attached to it, do you?
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    Partial gallery of my collection

    Very nice plants.