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    Rarely seen WWII tools of warfare

    My comment on all this neat stuff is if as much ingenuity had/is put into things like our educational system, Green technology, social issues, and all the other things cool....the world would be a lot better of a place!
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    My new Betta

    Hello Ant/Jim: y'all are both right. Both methods are ok. I personally side with Jimscott if you just want to raise a few betta babies, it need not be expensive.
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    Odd offer, Skeleton shrimp

    Hope this is ok here. Very late for Halloween. However, if you are bored of sea monkeys, I am extending an offer for what may be sea zombies. Also known as Caprellid amphipods. These creatures are small(about 1.25 for the biggest males), but very interesting to watch! Relatively little is to be...
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    Brackish water tank -Archer fish-Dragon goby

    how many mangrove babies you got there?
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    black mangroves

    [Anyone here grow or know anything about growing black mangroves...for perhaps a mudflat paludarium?
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    Combat sports

    Buddistadam: Agreed on the joint locks! Ok, at the noob level it is very hard for anyone to submit anyone with them but by far the worst is the Ankle/Achilles lock. I had a few of those put on me...and be feeling stubborn that day I guess I waited a bit too long. Back in the locker room I feel...
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    Combat sports

    Thats true. Most of the class has zero experience like me so I don't think it will matter much at least in the first few weeks. Main thing that I see is that since a righty vs a lefty would be lined up like this /\ as opposed to this // certain punches will have to be changed because both of...
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    Combat sports

    rugby is awesome! I'll have to say though that I like the shape of the Merkin football much better. So basically street football is the best. i'm in Cali. Lotta people here haven't heard of lacrosse, and I don't even know how to play it. Guess football is too big over here. Btw, anyone else...
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    Combat sports

    Anyone else in here into combat sports? I joined a PE class at our school that was for this. Started off as wrestling, and we just finished up grappling/jiu jitsu. Fun fun fun! We play rugby in there too. And unlike a normal PE class I can actually be dead tired/sore afterward. Try taking a...
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    Now that is how it should be

    How do they get at the eggs without getting killed by the birds? I understand they feed on the eggs of weaver birds mainly.
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    Odd trade(plants vs bug)

    Haha, yeah thats more like it. They are sold at reptile stores on the occasion, but unless you really think these plants are worth that money I wouldn't buy one just to ship it to me. They will spray if they feel threatened but once kept in captivity for a time usually stop...but then again...
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    Odd trade(plants vs bug)

    I'd love those also(Buddhistadam is correct on his ID's btw!), but vinegaroons would be most preferred. Thing about the tailess whips is that they are very fragile as far as being grabbed goes.
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    Odd trade(plants vs bug)

    Those are closely related. We have small native species in FL and the Desert Southwest. Though I doubt anyone would come across them(supposedly in FL they like basements and hiding in such places as treebark and stacks of cardboard). Here are the ones they ate on Fear Factor. :( Shame as they...
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    Odd trade(plants vs bug)

    Under rocks or other cover, or in rodent burrows. They need to be near a source of moisture(so they are often found under rocks near water or other places where the soil will be slightly moist). To save anyone a google search here is a photo. And they are 100% harmless. Their main defense is...