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    Yeah actually I have occasionally put rose petals and dandelion flowers into her food. She did eat alot yesterday more than she has in a long time. And I talked to my reptile vet and she said that sometimes deworming treatments drastically affect the way they eat. So I just hope she will keep...
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    What happened to your iguana?? You said you *had* an Iguana I am just curious. I might try to feed crickets there are tons around here do you think that I could just feed a wild cought cricket to her or should I buy them from a pet store.
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    I have had my Iguana for maybe 4 months. She just got her second deworming shot about a week and a half ago and since then she only nibbles at her food. I don't know if that affected her eating or what. Also doe's shedding affect the way they eat for a while because it does affect her behavior...
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    Indoor greenhouses/grow chamber pics

    I am interested in seeing some grow chamber pics. I am Building a rather large one right now. 4'X3'X26" are the dimensions. Thanks
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    Pyro, That is exactly what I was going to do but I don't think I will have a very sucessful result from leaf cuttings because almost all of the leafs on the plant are damaged. Although I think it will pull through because the leaf that is developing is getting bigger and bigger by the day. But...
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    I just recieved my rather large order yesterday. And my mom stepped on my first pinguicula, 'weser' it ruined all of the leafs but it didn't ruin the leaves that are currently growing on it. But I am pretty confident that it will survive. John
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    Terrarium Pics

    Wow MarcoCraamer, Now thats what what I call a terrarium awesome job!!! Thanks for posting. John
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    Ceph. temps

    I'm a liitle confused about the temps you are supposed to grow cephalotus at. Some people say that they grow theirs at 80F, and some people say they grow theirs at 70F and never let them get above 78F or lower that 55- 65F. Could someone please tell me the best or ideal temperatures in which...
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    Halogen light spectrum

    and there too hot
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    Leaf propagation

    I have had like 10 on one leaf before I was really surprised I was only expecting one when I took my first adelae cutting, the leaf I took was probably about as big as yours too. Good Job! John
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    Circulation question

    Yeah, thats what I figured too.. Thanks John
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    10 gal terrerium

    Hmm... I disagree,I don't think that you can find 40 watt florescent bulbs that are 18 inches and 40 watts(18 inch strip lights are the size that fit over a 10 gallon terrarium). I have used 10 gallon terrariums with 3 or 4 18 inch florescent striplights over the top with the bulbs being 15...
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    Circulation question

    If you have fans inside a terrarium circulating the air does it reduce the temperatures inside?
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    Rescued nep

    I do the same thing, (make the managers of the nursery offers). I always get half decent plants from Lowes for like $1.50 each.
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    Gubler's nepenthes

    I have a couple of those they are lowlands. They do great in lowland terrariums I have two of them both are different. And both of them are pitchering very well. John