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    Drosera scorpioides gemmae giveaway

    1. Darlantin - Thank you! 2. jpappy789 - Thanks for the generosity! 3. SerMuncheriV - Thanks, I've wanted these forever! 4. mr.smith - Thanks!
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    Sundew giveaway.

    Could I request the hamiltonii and venusta? I live in San Diego so the hamiltonii should do nicely here.
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    gotta love beaurocracy.......

    um, i don't mean to attract controversy or make anyone angry(in case i somehow do) but i was under the impression the m1 garand is the rifle used by the Marine Corps honor guard, so wouldn't it be kind of ridiculous that the gov't does not allow us to buy a SEMI-AUTO rifle that is considered to...
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    hey william, just so u kno, ur plants r still doin fine with me

    hey william, just so u kno, ur plants r still doin fine with me
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    need help with new bog

    sorry to tell u guys, three of the plants are sarracenias, one is a drosera
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    need help with new bog

    Okay, this probably sounds ridiculous and pretty noobish. Anywho, i made a bog for a few of my plants and right now ants are swarming all over them. I don't know if i'm being paranoid or not, but either way, i'm afraid the ants might be a problem. Should i get a pesticide to deal with them and...
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    advice for N.Talangensis

    It arrived today, I can't post pictures on it but i am currently growing it in full sunlight for 6 hours with a cup on it for humidity outside Moved it to indirect sunlight. The edges of the leaves are fuzzy, is that normal?
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    advice for N.Talangensis

    Thanks everyone.
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    advice for N.Talangensis

    Dad ordered me a nepenthes talangensis as a gift(i have no idea why) but i know its an ultra highlander.I don't have the money or permission to build a highland chamber so does anyone have any advice on growing it or am i pretty much screwed?
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    Salutations people of the earth

    Sorry, forgot i made a post earlier.
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    going to orlando,florida

    thanks everyone
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    going to orlando,florida

    My family is going to orlando next week. Anyone know any nurseries or places to go buy cp's?
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    I came here like a week ago so sorry, but i've been to busy to write this. Anywho, i am a noob, with like only 5 cp's. Willing to expand my collection and willing to trade drosera capensis cuttings. I have like a lot.
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    Salutations people of the earth

    I just joined yesterday. I started growing an year ago but only have a very small amount of cp's. I have three sarracenia, one nepenthes, one utricularia, and one drosera.