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    Mystery Drosera

    Well crap. Now looking at those photos of D. admirabilis, I'm not so sure its aliciae anymore. If it helps, the photos don't show it, but it has a dark green almost forest green shade to the leaves.
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    Mystery Drosera

    Thank you, kulamauiman. It's just a little t5 HO, but it does the job. It's outside in the southern sun now, so maybe it will flower. D. aliciae was my guess, too. And after looking at some photos of admirabilis and venusta, I still think it's aliciae. Guess I'll have to see what/if it...
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    Mystery Drosera

    This little guy came to me in a pot of D. spathulata last year. I have a few guesses, and I've had a few people give me different answers. I want to see what you guys have to say. I don't have a photo of the flower.
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    Sarracenia leucophylla Hurricane Creek, AL seeds for postage

    Woah! I got mine today! I'm stoked to try grow them next spring. Thank you so much!
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    Sarracenia leucophylla Hurricane Creek, AL seeds for postage

    1. Cthulhu138 Thanks Mach ! 2. Ramdacc - thanks for the opportunity 3. Jab91 thank you! 4. Ambanja - Thanks!! 5. ego3k Thanks! 6. monkey_Cup thanks for the offer 7. RSS Thanks! 8. Woodnative- Thank you! 9. NatchGreyes - Awesome! 10. rapidan - danke 11. dionae thanks! 12 jimscott, if there's any...
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    Favorite sarracenia species?

    My experience is pretty narrow since this is only my first summer growing, but I'd have to say my flava has been my favorite plant.
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    Mossy's Plant Photos!

    I don't have much room inside, but I built a small light stand for a few 'dews. I think I want to lower the light about an inch. And lastly this spatulata that bit off more than it could chew.
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    Aberdeenshire, Scotland, bog visit

    I love temperate 'dews!! Thanks for sharing. It's always nice to see them in their native habitat.
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    I want to see your tallest pitcher!!

    I think it's pretty good for a first summer growing! My flava is my tallest pitcher by far. Hoping for bigger next year!!
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    I want to see your tallest pitcher!!

    Wow!!! I'd love to have some pitchers half as tall as I am. Maybe next year. Tomorrow I can get a shot of my largest pitcher, my flava. I haven't put a yardstick up to it. I'm curious to see just how tall it is.
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    Why do YOU love CPs?

    For me it's part novelty and part ecology. They are just so uniquely adapted to their environments; it's amazing. I also tend to be more partial to the North American species because no one ever thinks that odd, unique adaptations arise in their own backyard. I love that we have things like this...
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    Sarracenia giveaway

    I'll play! 11 :)