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    I need a favor!

    Learn html, then you can do it your self.
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    Master shake gets inked

    Hold On....THE official figs? Are you kidding? Holy crap. It is a small world.
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    For pond boy, starman etc you know who you are!

    lmao.......i've seen that way to many times.
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    They aren't too expensive, and they make awesome pets. The diet can be tricky though.
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    We have 2246 users

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    Poison dart frogs

    Another thumbs up on the moss suggestion. Moss looks great when used in conjunction with a cork/treefern background and a big gnarked log. The creeping moss looks the best(trust me). If you need other plants, try a Banyan Ficus. They look cool with there aerial roots dangleing down and the...
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    My 16gallon sphere reef

    Wow, that is one of the best tanks I have ever seen. Have you ever been to Nano Reef.Com? It's an awesome site, you would definately get some credit for that tank.
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    Pets you own

    Great thread. 6 guppies 3 bettas 2 dart frogs saltwater----- 2 urchins 2 crabs misc. corals (techniaclly animals) 1 frikin' awsome mantis shrimp "Jeff"
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    My other hobby

    Aaron, do you hang out at any of the reefing forums? I might know you. Btw, Ram, Why do you need a phyto reactor? Also, is that a baby Capnella next to your RBTA?
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    The deadly potatoe

    Don't bromeliads use trichomes to absorb water and nutrients from decayed stuff? Because if the potato could get nutrients from the bugs, then wouldn't it be considered carnivorous? Mike
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    More photos of my tanks inhabitants

    Awsome Octopus. Do you have any more pics of your reef tanks? And have you ever been to grimreefers.com? It's a great site for people who keep predatory tanks. Mike
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    Giant african land snails

    LOL, i'm gonna put that in my sig
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    okay question

    Thread on how to move a reef I'm moving from a 5 gallon to a 33 gal. long.
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    little boys plant

    I think he is refering to one of the Cypripedilum orchids. Although I still don't see the point. Mike
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    My new Obsession

    Cowbow Bebop rocks! Although it isn't my favorite. My favorite show is definately Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It's so funny. I'm very grateful to have Cartoon Network because until a couple weeks ago, we didn't have it at all. I used to watch all those shows, then I moved here and I quickly found...