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    how many footcandles/lux do you grow your nepenthes?

    700-900 foot candles is what I aim for at the top of the plant, measure with an analog unit. Growing plants under Hight Pressure Sodium lights.
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    OrchidBox climate controlled terrariums... What do you all think about this?

    Seems like all features that would be desired by a tropical plant grower are covered. The major issue as other have noted is size. The largest option 20" x 12" x 19" should be the smallest option available. I would offer two sizes and really create a nice presentation for those two sizes. Some...
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    Indoor Grown Nepenthes

    Trying to still keep this thread up-to-date: Nepenthes aristo flower cross Nepenthes lowii BE N. izum x trus flower Nepenthes rajah - kinabalu 01 Nepenthes rajah - kinabalu 02 Nepenthes x trusmadiensis N. izum x trus Nepenthes hamata removed pitcher for cutting Nepenthes hamata...
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    Indoor Grown Nepenthes

    Want to keep this thread up-to-date, so I am posting older photos that were not posted here. Nepenthes stenophylla Nepenthes stenophylla A couple edwardsiana Nepenthes naga Nepenthes naga Nepenthes aristo Nepenthes ovata - seed grown 01 Nepenthes ovata - seed grown 02...
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    HL chamber question, should I get a fan or what?

    To drop temperature further you should consider using an A/C unit. You can get a window unit in the 8000 BTU range for less then $100 . If you run the output of the A/C into your chamber/terrarium, you can get drops into the low 50s pretty easily. You can have it on a timer for night time.
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    N. Red Hairy Hamata

    It is just hard to grow, even with optimal conditions. Slow to say the least.
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    N. Red Hairy Hamata

    Nepenthes hamata is easy to grow in general and much easier in comparison to RHH. Yes, RHH does better as an 'ultra-highlander' for temperature so you are looking at day temps 65-75° and nights 45-55° which can be difficult to maintain year-around. RHH is also much slower than n. hamata and very...
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    Mato's Pic Thread.

    Nice update Matt.
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    Downsize :(

    Can you switch to indoor growing maybe in the extra bedroom or a basement?
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    Pitcher of the Month June 2014

    Can't wait to see that fusca pop...
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    Indoor Grown Nepenthes

    @theplantman Thank you for the compliment @Tanukimo Yes I really only grow species. This is my primary focus. I do have a few natural occurring hybrids and some must-have horticultural hybrids, but not many.
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    Indoor Grown Nepenthes

    @whim... yes, the endless pursuit. @mass... Thanks for the kinds words. Yes I am growing in my parents basement for the past 2 years. It works really nice keeping the temps at bay. @ellisonk Thank you. @mato... Burb has grown on me almost as slow as it grows itself. It is such a great...
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    Indoor Grown Nepenthes

    Forgot to update this thread. Posted some pictures if anyone is interested. 2 Nepenthes hamata red hairies. Close up of the pitchers. nepenthes aristolochioides w. seed basal. Nepenthes lowii x veitchii EP My largest of 5 Nepenthes attenboroughii w. seed, still small Nepenthes flava...
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    Heli's picture thread

    Here is are some old photos I found to compare leaves: This is N. ephippiata when it was about 3 years old. Here is one of N. lowii at the same age
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    Heli's picture thread

    Nice update. Leaves on the lowii possible ephippiata, don't look like either of those plants. Depending on where you got it; it could just be a commercial hybrid. It is always hard to tell at that age.