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    Give Away Giveaway P. 'Sethos' leaf pullings!

    1. Jean4 2. ChefDean - much appreciated 3. devkatie 4. FLTropical 5. jaje61 - beautiful plants 6. Pooparella- thanks! 7. Jwhittaker813 8. Mawy_Plants - Many thanks!
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    Utricularia Trap Photos

    These images are amazing. Especially so being my favorite Genus and a bio Major! Thanks for sharing!
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    Give Away N. ventricosa seed

    Received this afternoon. Many thanks!
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    Give Away N. ventricosa seed

    We're all winners! Thank you so much!! Will PM my address now!
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    Give Away N. ventricosa seed

    Qualified list 1) Grey Moss, I'm pretty sure I satisfy the conditions. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! 2) CoolCapensis - Thank you! 3)... Non-Qualified list 1) jaje61 - Thanks! 2)Qloxwa2 - Cheers! 3)Mawy_Plants - Many thanks! 4)...
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    Give Away 1st Anniversary Giveaway

    Winner selected via Random.org >> #3 - Nip 'n these! Please PM me so you can get your new addition soon! Thanks everyone! Mary
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    Looking For (trade) Petiolaris Dews

    I'd suggest contacting SirKristoff, he has a few different ones himself. Really good looking plants! Good luck!
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    Give Away 1st Anniversary Giveaway

    1st Anniversary Giveaway ~|Closed|~ Hey guys! It's been a year and some change since I began growing CPs and now here I am with my first giveaway. Oh what a journey it's been! Anyway, my first attempt at seed was a packet of mixed variety D. capensis. Now that the majority are out of their...
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    Looking For (trade) Looking to buy tropical drosera cuttings at most seeds easy to grow not capensis

    Interest in cuttings Hello SirKristoff, I'm very interested in some cuttings if you still have some. I am in the process of growing my collection, I have quite a few seedlings I'm waiting to get decent size. I'd be happy to pay for cuttings as well. If you don't mind me asking how you have...
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    Give Away VFT rejects

    1. Mawy_Plants - Many thanks!
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    Utricularia graminifolia - My Experiences

    I have to ask, any luck with flowering? Recently got into Utricularia (6 months into the hobby), loving this Genus for some reason. Down the rabbit hole I go!