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    Honest panhandler

    Those are great. Our town had for a long time " the aliens wont take me unless i have gas money"
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    Utricularia calycifida "Yog Sethoth" - Starter Plug - mattb $10

    Item received in very good condition. Thanks!
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    Need A Microscope? Got Fifty Cents? No Joke!

    People that come up with stuff like this are amazing.
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    "Tray of Adalea"

    Very nice! I love carnivores planted en masse.
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    Nepenthes 'Rokko' aka Wolfplant Cuttings Giveaway!

    1) Pearldiver, thanks! 2) NatchGreyes - Totally Awesome!!! 3) BioZest - thanks a lot! 4) East_to_west* 5) Incognito - Thanks a lot! 6) FloridaCP - Can't pass this up, thank you 7) monkey_Cup 8) krista - Thanks 9) wesly2010 10) ego3k Thank you!!! 11) Casca - Thanks 12) Nikki630 -- oh...
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    Red Lowii's plants

    I agree, those are a real treat!! Thanks for sharing. I can't stop staring at the fifth one.
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    Sheet Pots?

    I recently started using these. I don't know how they hold up over time yet, but they seem decent. None broke or cracked while I tossed them around and crammed them with soil. They stock them at a local hydroponics store. If you have one around you might want to check there. Matt
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    All the More Reason to Avoid Facebook

    If you want to find someone on facebook, just use a friends' account. That's what I do.
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    Anything that goes BANG!

    Ya, we would probably need to leave CA to have that much gun fun!
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    What media do you keep on hand?

    I always have peat/sand/perlite in large amounts for my "universal mix". Then I have things like LFS, orchid bark, pumice, charcoal, and vermiculite in smaller amounts for "special" mixes. I grow mostly Drosera and Pinguicula.
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    Bog in Southern Ontario

    Amazing photos. I love the intermedia and the bladderwort, and also the water lily.