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    darn it!!!   i missed it.  oh well.  ill send a sase incase you have any more. if not keep the dollar for you generosity.
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    Egg shell water! :)

    I bet it'll work. Barry has a lot of experience with, cp's so I don't think it is just a myth.
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    Cobra lilies (seeds)

    I cheated! Took them out on the 23rd and planted them.
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    Grand sequoia

    darn it!! They died when I tried to transplant. Anybody know what soil I should use next time?
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    Icps plants

    any luck yet pondboy?
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    Cobra lilies (seeds)

    24 more days. it is getting cllooooooosssssseeeeeeerrrrrrrr.
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    I want a perfect terrarium

    I would suggest N. Ventricosa red it is cheap, nice looking and can deal with low temps.
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    Ideas from the cp community to help save cps

    I'm joining the ICPS in November!! yippee!!!
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    Cobra lilies (seeds)

    35 more days it has been a whole week
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    Cobra lilies (seeds)

    36 more days it has almost been a week
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    Grand sequoia

    Yeah I did mean giant sequoia. I got them in the mountains were they grow naturally. Thanks for the advice.
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    Look what my mom brought me home from target!

    That is an awesome vase setup. I need to do it sometime.