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    For Sale Drosera menziesii tubers for sale. Proceeds benefit the International Carnivorous Plant Society

    The eagle has landed! Thanks again Mark, I appreciate it!
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    Looking For (trade) ISO cold-hardy pinguicula

    Hi, I’m not on the forums much these days. Sorry for the late response. P. vulgaris are always an option! If you’d like to get in touch via email, send me a message at neps4lyfe@gmail.com
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    For Trade Rare Orchidioides + Terrestrial Utricularia for Uncommon Sarrs

    I’m interested in your orchidiodes utrics. Are you mostly interested in trades or sales?
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    Looking For (trade) ISO cold-hardy pinguicula

    I have P. vulgaris (Cheboygan Co, Michigan) plants and seed available
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    (PAID) (Bdub $65) Drosera squamosa tubers

    Wow.. well timed and played sir. I’ll give you $50 for one of the 2 tubers, if my old school homie here can’t supply 2 for a ridiculously high amount!
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    An interesting read that mentions TF

    Though this is probably old news by now. https://www.portlandmercury.com/feature/2017/07/05/19140283/planted
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    Nepenthes for trade

    Let me know if you come across any hamata making lowers! I'll be more apt to part with some of my sg species. Thanks again Mike for taking the time.
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    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Dang, someone has picture perfect plants!
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    Hamata x Edwardsiana

    Facebook. Where the rest of the world happens.
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    Hamata x Edwardsiana

    They're legit. I've seen pics.