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    WANTED : Pinguicula

    I've tried both of them but have been very successful with P.grandiflora,tried them yet?
  2. Mark Wilson

    P. grandiflora

    Cool,I started the season with one plant and about 15 gemmae.I'll have plenty so start a few more mini bogs come springtime.I mulch them a bunch starting with pin needles then on top of that a big pile of oak leaves.I tried just keeping them in our greenhouse and then covering them if it got...
  3. Mark Wilson

    P. grandiflora

    Very nice ! Mine are starting to die back.I removed some leaves from my oldest plant and I have a bunch of gemmae around its hibernacula.
  4. Mark Wilson

    Pings as Houseplants

    I have 3 P.gypsicola plants growing on a piece of lavarock in a small glass bowl in a east facing window.They are basically green but have flowered so they must like it.
  5. Mark Wilson

    Variety of Utrics for Trade!

    I have P.gypsicolas I'd trade.
  6. Mark Wilson

    What is your favorite ping?

    For the Mexican pings,gypsicola by far.I have about 20 of them and love em.Temperate would be my grandiflora.One made it thru this winter but supplied me with 15 gemma !!!
  7. Mark Wilson

    temperate Ping's

    I live in Iowa and am having success with grandiflora.My biggest issue with them has been not mulching them because of mild winters and then BAM below freezing temps and I am back to scrounging up a few gemma that survive. Last fall I mulched my single hibernacula under 12-14 inches of pine...
  8. Mark Wilson

    Pinguicula autographed giclée print (Kitkor $10)

    $12 Invalid bid: Non-payment in time allotted per auction rules.
  9. Mark Wilson

    Cold hardy Pinguicula: winter buds and gemmae pics

    Yesterday, I went out and pulled my mini-bog out of the ground and pulled the 12" of pine needles and oak leaves off of it and my single P.grandiflora that survived the winter produced about 20 or so gemma.That's one thing I really love about this species.If even one survives and produces gemma...