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    Sargassum fish

    Hello. I would recommend that unless you have a fairly large tank, start with a smaller species of Frogfish/anglerfish. That particular species grows large and fast. Also they are best kept in a species only tank. Arowana your shrimp has probably been eaten by the sargassum fish; live shrimp...
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    Need help caring for Nepenthes Jamban

    Help You will need to get your nightime temps a little cooler to about 55-60*F. Needs typical highland growing conditions for longterm.
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    SirKristoff Nepenthes August 2010 (DUW)

    Good to see the N. ramispina also made it. That is one of my most favorite highlanders. Did any of the hamatas I sent you make it? As far as Amsterdam goes, hard to get in trouble there unless you are a complete idiot. All the fun stuff is legal. One of my most favorite places in the whole...
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    SirKristoff Nepenthes August 2010 (DUW)

    Hey SK, Is that the N. jacquelineae I sent you? If it is, glad to see it acclimated to your conditions. The mother plant that basal came from is a stunner. Once it starts pitchering for you, it will pitcher on every leaf as long as you keep humidity high. Anyway I've been in Amsterdam for...
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    Mineral deposit on leaves: damage?

    You can buy RO water from a grocery store for about .30 cents a gallon from an RO machine. Will need some plastic jugs/milk containers. Every Wal-Mart has an RO machine that I've seen. This is what I'm doing for now til I get an RO unit myself. I use a 5 gal bucket to gravity feed my...
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    What are some Nepenthes you just cant seem to get right?

    I've never had any problem with any of the lowland species/hybrids. Highlanders are another story. N. argentiii - I killed two of these and my third I gave it away. N. ramispina ( one of my favorites) my first one died, my second one grew like a weed, flowered, main vine died and then a basal...
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    Nepenthes in March

    Very nice N. hirsuta/hispada. Have never grown it, but I think the pitchers are great on this species. May have to pick this plant up and start growing. Can see why it got its name as it is very hairy/more hairy than my veitchii. I have also heard it is a very easy lowlander? Singapore has...
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    Asking for advice on a CP order

    Thats why its buyer beware when purchasing from overseas. That same nursery probably has a CP distributor in the states or several that you could order from. You will have to do some research to find them/ask around. It may cost you a little more, but most CP distributors in the states will...
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    I need a low cost but sturdy greenhouse

    Take a look at the Econoline Plus greenhouse kit 8' x 10' at greenhousemegastore. Very easy to assemble. Comes with plant shelving and a heater. Very nice greenhouse for the money($1295.00, free shipping). Very spacious, with two roof vents(one with auto opener included) and one side vent...
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    commercially available Nepenthes edwardsiana

    Dexenthes if I remember correctly, Wistuba does not post any payments until the plants actually ship to the US. Someone correct me if I am wrong. I have only ordered from them 3 times in the past and cannot remember. It has been over a year since I last ordered from them.
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    The more photogenic sundews at the moment

    Absolutely love your falconeri. Mine is just coming out of dormancy and hopfully in a few months look as good as yours. It is flowering and starting to produce traps again afer a 3 month dormancy. I had it for 4 years before it went into dormancy.
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    commercially available Nepenthes edwardsiana

    150 euros, not bad for an extremely rare plant in cultivation. Are these seed grown or TC'ed? Most likely TC'ed from this supplier. I wonder how many different clones there are? Also remember I believe the shipping and handling fee will be added. I think my fee for my last order form this...
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    Raff stopped growing

    How old are your T5 tubes/bulbs? If they are old ( 1 -2 yrs), they lose intensity and spectrum. That could be the culprit. Also how close to lights the raff is as light intensity decreases with distance from lights. This sounds like a light problem to me as raff like alot of light. Also you...
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    A couple of jamban clones, post yours as well please

    Very nice growing SK. Glad you could salvage some of those plants. If you like the jamban, just wait til you see the jacquelineae if it survived. Its pitchers are supper dark. Michael at CPJ always sends me supper dark clones. Anyway those are your plants for good now. I will be...
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    Not the N. mac "Daddy"

    Looks like it could possibly be a N. x trusmadiensis.