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    Downloading into Digimax I6

    Hello, Yes I do get a message box asking me what actions I want to take when I connect the camera with the computer. It mostly deals with the pictures I have stored ( which I have no problem with). What I want to know is, how to use the mp3 function and how to store video, also how play back...
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    Downloading into Digimax I6

    Hello, Does anyone own a Samsung Digimax I6 PMP and actually know how to download songs/videos into it? Where can I find info on how to do it or Who do i talk to, to learn how? I recently bought one, I've been taking lots of pictures with it but I'd also like to use the PMP part of it too...
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    Roridula gorgonias seed

    In my opinion it's really not all that, a guy brought a pot full to a LACPS meeting once and I was unimpressed. Kinda reminds me of a less elegant Byblis. Pay no attention to my hating on the plant though by all means keep bidding
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    Dead rhizome

    Hello everyone, I have a rubra plant, along with a VFT, that I left outside for dormancy. The VFT made it through the winter and it is regrowing beautifully, the rubra on the other hand is just sitting in a pot not doing anything. It has been many months without any signs of new growth. I did...