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    NOOOOO! My whole life revoves around any type of fish of course not to eat but you just cant NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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    wild betas

    I have 7 fish tanks and i was thinking about adding a 10 gallon, short finned wild betta to my arsinal. I want a betta under the genus macrostoma. I know its immoral i wanted to breed them even though the're fighting bettas. Dose any one know where i can find or buy one. thankx
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    shrimp will it clean

    I am concidering adding a "sexy anemone shrimp" to my arsinal of cleaning ladys in my nano reef will it do a good job cleaning or should i stick to the blood reds?
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    goin on a scuba trip to flordia

    I am goin to set a salt water tank in the next couple months or so, i might put some fish in it. So what i need to know is im am goin to go on a couple of scuba diving trips in Fordia and i would like to catch some fish or inverts so i would be able to put them in my tank. What i need to know...
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    little boys plant

    On my lesurly stroll throught the woods about 6 months go i found a plant that looks like a you guessed it a "bean bag" and i went to sombody and asked them what it was and found out that it was refered to as a little boys plant. although i dont know the common name i am wondering if any body...
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    steve erwin

    has steve erwin gone to far wih carrying his baby around by an aligator im with jhon hension with that i am absoulty out raged as i watched in dis beliefe anson nesbitt Mod edit due to phrase used
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    Stop Breeding

    here in md some bodys goin to make a 18 acre development and have 4 houses to an acer thats crazy were making a petition and the guys whose doin it isnt even goin to make a school or add on to the one to we have becuse there goin to go to the school in school im in and its over crowded as it...
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    grand theft  fish

    in school i have been telling the school about the problems they are goin to and the problems they are having in the fish tank. last week i was chosen to take part in cleaning a fish tank 55gal and re plenishg so i wanted to see what i have to work with, i lift out the filter cartriges and to my...
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    fact or fiction

    on my usual run of playing halo at around 1 in the mornin i had to go to the bath room and to my surprise there was a dart frog hopng around although i couldnt catch it i am wondering how it was surviving but you see i lost a dart frog about a month ago so how was t surviving or was i staring at...
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    Ghost Hermit?

    dude you got to give me credit i named speedy i was with you when you got it anson named speedy so hah
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    my killer aquarium

    i have a tank with a Sarasalmus Natteri in it ( red belly piranha ) i have cork on the sides cover the back and the two sides. i have a piece of ghost wood going form the top right and sloping slightly bending around around to the front left where i have a pum on the right hidden between the...
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    nano cube

    im going to get a reef aquarium and i know all that i need to, but i was wondering if i would have to to chang the water very frequently and how much if i was to have a nano cube 12 gallon with a 106 gph wet dry filter that comes with it, a 10 gallon reforum with live rock andmoney plants in it...
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    canaster filter

    i have had fresh and brackish waster fish for a while now and i need to know what exactly is a canaster filter, what do you hook it up to, what do i need to use it, how much are they, are they worth it, how dose it work, why do some aquariums require them?? if some one can answer these questions...
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    Dose any one know when international amphiban day is, what times, and where, i tryed to find out on the web but they colsed their sight.....
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    too many pups

    idont understand why my crypthanthis keeps making pups got any i deas....