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    D. gigantea

    Got some Drosera gigantea seedling, They are in their 2nd growning season. They are whole 1/2" high so far.
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    Weed id

    Also could be Drosera capensis, need wait until it bigger to be sure.
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    Sundew n00b, need a spot of help.

    Drosera adelae come from Southern Queensland so it could be term sub-tropical. It prefer temperature between 20 C and 30 C and unlike most sundew it prefer some shade
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    Just got my first sundew

    Don't worry about flowers with a spatulata, once it recovered, it will produce many flowers and lots of seeds.
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    What happens next?

    Unless it large bug such as a dragonfly or large blowfly you should not have any problems.The best way to avoid any fungal problem is make sure there is some air movement around the plants.
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    Pygmy question:

    Drosera paleacea ssp paleacea is all ways the first to produce gemmae in my collection,it starts usually about month to 6 weeks before the hybrids and pygmea. That in March here.
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    Pygmy question:

    Here in Australia we use hand held suction device. All you need is a small plastic bottle (a urine specimen jar is prefect), about 1m (3ft) of clear plastic hosing, some string. and little piece of panty hose. Save alot of time collecting gemmae.
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    What's your favorite sundew?

    Tuberous sundew, any type. Easiest things to grow:;):
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    Lots o seed

    Drosera burmanii main need is heat, They grow well on 50/50 peat/sand. You don't need perlite. Drosera filiformis 'All red' also like it warm.
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    Drosera scorpiodes

    Gemmae is produced by the plants only in winter. I find if the plants are keep too warm in winter, they can fail to produce gemmae. With gemmae I find that they establish best in cool, shady conditions. I will make point of mentioning that a South Australian winter is about same as English...
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    Drosera trade or for sase

    Hey tamlin the seeds of sessilifolia you sent me about a year ago all came up with white flowers.
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    I found that the alba and the thin-leaf are the more common varieties.
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    Help!  my pygmys are being choked by moss

    Cannot say I had much problems with moss in my pygmy sundew. I grow my pygmy sundew outdoors. Good air movement and lower humdity will stuff up the moss growth, also you get beautiful colouration on your plants.
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    True, I found that capensis "alba" (I don't care for albino) tentacles will turn pink in the about same amount light needed to get an 'All red' to colour up properly. With the flower scape it might be idea to cut it off so the plant put it's energy into growing, not flowering.
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    Tuberous drosera question

    Interesting position you are in. I have two stolonifera seedling which grew until Feburary, then went dormant until April and begun growing again. I keep the pot cool and damp thoughout whole period. I would say that the young plants will throw down tubers in a while and then go dormant. I...