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    Happy 18th Birthday JustLikeAPill!

    happy happy belated birthday, jlap
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    Happy Birthday to jiana54 & copcarFC!

    thanks, guys. im getting old....
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    How many of you have seen a ghost?

    a shadowpeople considered ghosts? i see them all the time. like, i'd just be sitting in a room then out of nowhere, i'd see a black figure from the corner of my eye moving around. however, once i look to see what it is, it's gone. are those shadowpeople then or am i just delusional?
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    Cicada maddness

    i thought they all died. there were like a million of them here in illinois in july and now they're all gone.
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    forum etiquette?

    . does that work?
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    forum etiquette?

    what does it mean when someone is replying to a post with a quote and they put a period as their response then their real response on the next line? is this the same thing as a bump?
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    The game thread!

    Est -im stuck on lvl 15
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    The game thread!

    you've got me hooked!!!! its now 230a, i work in 4 hours, and im still stuck in lvl 12.
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    3rd eye

    right. exactly. i think 13 dimensions though. :) the wavelength of our 3-d world is 7.23 cm. it's believed by a few people that every 12,500 to 13,000 years, the poles shift and when it does, we move onto the next dimension. however, in order to move to the next dimension and be able to...
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    Sometimes it happens that way

    beautiful snake. the 6th picture would be a cool avatar.
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    3rd eye

    i think im already nuts anyways. im beginning to think that there's a 4th dimension and we're moving towards it. i've thought about unlocking my chakras but im still unsure if that's something i'd want to do...but then again, no harm can come from it right? like if you open the heart...
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    3rd eye

    im not sure if an OBE is the same as opening the third eye but i'll look into it. as far as opening the third eye, im not hoping to experience something that's life altering. instead, im hoping to gain a higher level of consciousness. :scratch:
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    Feedback on buying books from half.com?

    ive always had problems trusting half.com. ive experienced a couple of times when i searched half.com with an isbn, then the search engine would bring up lists of totally different books. ive always gotten my used books from amazon or alibris. i trust them more. as far as shipping media...
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    3rd eye

    ??? huh?
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    3rd eye

    you rock!