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    Today I added some new pictures to my photo album. Examples: Drosera pulchella "Salmon flower" Drosera roseana Drosera hamiltonii Drosera rosulata Drosera trinervia (thanks Christian!) Nepenthes ventricosa x inermis (who says easy plants aren't gorgeous?) Fresh opened N. hamata...
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    will warm white bulbs work

    Short answer: Yes they are just perfect.
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    Tuberous Drosera

    Simply use the smoke discs with water to get smoke water. Then you put the seeds in that for some days and sow them. Use the smoke water to wet the soil and wait for germination.
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    Australian and winter growing drosera in bog

    Right spelling is Drosera whittakeri. I would try D. peltata first, it is much more tolerant. Don't kill too many rare species for experiments!!!
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    Tuberous dews

    Thanks a lot! I use a Canon A610. Very cheap for its great macro. Took ages to find a good one!!!
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    Tuberous dews

    D. menziesii (photo taken in bad light) D. erythroriza: D. erythroriza: D. rupicola "deep maroon"
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    Tuberous Drosera

    Good story, Pyro! ;) Better use smoke discs next time...
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    Breaking the law, breaking the law!

    Very interesting, keep us updated!
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    D. graminifolia

    Looking good!
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    i overdosed

    All the best, dude!
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    And again most people don't care about poaching as long as it happens far away. Nearly all commercially available adult tuberous drosera are poached and so are these fine Nepenthes. Then why are so many crying loudly about Sarracenia poaching...?
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    Laughing in the Face of Death

    I wonder what church leaders in the past ages would have done with that chapel if another culture had created it... BURN DEMONIC BUILDING...(or similar)