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    (PAID) (hcarlton $20) N.mikei

    Plant has arrived in condition just as shown.
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    (PAID) (hcarlton $22) N. petiolata

    Plant has arrived just as shown.
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    (PAID) (hcarlton $19) N.hamata x platychila cutting #2

    Item has arrived in condition shown.
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    (PAID) (hcarlton $18) Pinguicula moctezumae

    Item received in great condition.
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    (PAID) (hcarlton $29) Utricularia humboltdii - seed grown

    Item received in great condition.
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    N.gaya central stem broken

    Your "alata" is x "ventrata," a graciliflora x ventricosa cross.
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    Nepenthes Rhizomes?

    From what I've seen thus far minima doesn't exist; the traits that supposedly separate it from maxima, other than smaller size, have all been unreliable on plants that have been cultivated as well as a few photos from the wild that show it, and I also haven't seen any actual photos surface yet...
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    Nepenthes Rhizomes?

    Nepenthes don't make bulbs or rhizomes; the Indochinese species and a couple others may make thick taproots to survive dry seasons but that is very different from this. I would be worried about some sort of fungal or bacterial infection causing outgrowths if it's actually a part of the plant...
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    Fred P's Collection Photos

    *looks at Fred's collection* *looks at my collection* *looks back at Fred's collection* *looks back at my collection* *cries* Okay, so I have some nice things finally taking off too, but damn. All the high contrast...