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    Utricularia parthenopipes care?

    Thank you and sorry for the late reply! So all terrestrial bladderworts should be good to kept under these rules unless stated otherwise ? Another thing I couldn't find an answer is that if it's okay if the bladderwort's roots (or well leaves) reach pot water or if they grow into the bottom of...
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    Utricularia parthenopipes care?

    Hai everyone! I recently got an U. Parthenopipes (as a 2x2 soil block weaved by the plant) as a gift, however I didn't able to find any description about it's care anywhere, do anyone has experience growing this plant or anyone has a care guide/sheet about this one ? I'm currently keeping it in...
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    Are these conditions good for a Nepenthes x ventrata ?

    Thank you for your help! The soil should be as airy as possible or it should be somewhat compact too ? I think I'll go with 40% orchid/pine bark, 40% perlite, 20% peat or something similar since I already has peat and perlite at home and I'm not really sure where I could get LFS, would a higher...
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    Are these conditions good for a Nepenthes x ventrata ?

    Hi everyone! I recently decided to get a Nepenthes x ventrata but before purchasing one I'd like to ask if these living conditions/environment would be good for it ? - Sunlight during Winter : 2-3 hours direct sunlight, 4-6 hours bright indirect sunlight , 3-5 hours dim sunlight - Sunlight...
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    If you had the chance to make any nepenthes cross?

    I'm not sure if it's possible but Nepenthes x ventrata x lamii sounds interesting and fun, so I guess a half hybrid ? I'm kind of new to Nepenthes as in I read about them and seen them in a few collections but about to get my first one. Another idea is Nepenthes spathulata x lamii (or x...
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    Thank you for the help Andrew and thank you both for the warm welcome! I hope I'll be able to expand my list soon, I'm not sure if there is a thread on terraforums where I can show more photos about them but I'll try to positively to the forum!
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    "Long Leaf" Cape Sundew sudden health decrease

    Thank you everyone for the help! I'll try to keep them above freezing point but there was an unexpected sudden temperature drop yesterday, I think my other sundews and venus flytrap seedlings weren't affected cause they were exposed to less of the cold temperature ? And thank everyone for...
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    Thank you for the warm welcome! The Sarracenia experiences about 0°c to 5°c temperatures overnight and about 5°c to 12°c during the daytime, I'm unsure if it's cold enough but since I didn't able to find anything about what kind of temperature they need for dormancy I assumed it would be...
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    "Long Leaf" Cape Sundew sudden health decrease

    Haii everyone. I recently noticed my young Drosera Capensis "Long Leaf" getting into a much worse condition, the leaves turned dark green then a bit yellowish and the leaves lean onto the ground (It was completely fine 5-15 hours ago) I think it started very shortly after a recent watering but...
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    Haiii everyone! Thanks for approving my membership and nice to meet everyone! I has a small wide variety of plants (mostly carnivorous plants/sundews) and might need identification to some I got as gifts a bit ago, my current plant collection is : -Drosera Capensis "Alba" (First Sundew I got, I...
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