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    Yep, was 101 here today, and I had to work. Luckly I had to work planting a lake so it was alot nicer in the water all day. Going fishing tomorrow, supposed to be hotter here too..
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    The Pitcher, the Hornet and the Gecko

    No monkey, but I got Jim's cat into one.
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    Good FTP program

    WS_FTP is also another easy free client.
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    U. longifolia

    Just cut a chunk out and start it in a new pot, or cut the whole mat up and start off in a bunch of new pots..
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    WOW Baby Datura seedling in bloom!

    I just wiped out a patch of 20+ plants at work.. They are definatly not roundup ready. Not Datura ceratocaula, but another Datura species. Didn't really look at them just noticed the seed pods.
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    Bog Orchids

    Here is a site about wisconsin native orchids. 90% are bog orchids. Tho, once again finding them has been tough, I may be getting acouple from troy's. http://www.botany.wisc.edu/Orchids/list.html
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    Important Auction Announcement

    Someone was trying to skim off the top. *Points @ Dave*
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    Seed packet sampler Winner TheDuke

    Yep, I am aware. And it will still be a few weeks on this seed.
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    U. longifolia

    A, I grow mine in a mix of LFS,Peat, and Perlite, might be some vermiculite in there too. You'll see there is plenty attached to it. I grow it as an affixed aquatic as well, atleast I used to.. Been running short on time lately, so they have been drying up abit. It has spread like a weed for...
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    jack in the pulpits for trade

    That'll work. It's pretty late in the season for jacks, so you may not get any new growth this year.
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    Rattler, When my plants are indoors, they are that far away too. Everything colors up fine, flowers normally, etc. I actuaally get better color under my lights then in the sun. Just that it's cheaper to keep them outside for the summer.
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    jack in the pulpits for trade

    Jacks don't ship all that well unless they have gone dormant already. It is much better to ship them as tubers.
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    To Everyone waiting for auction Items from me..

    First off, I'm very sorry for the delay. I was working on getting everything packed up, on the 26th. When my boss calls me up and says I should pack up a weeks worth of clothes because he took a job that day that we needed to leave for right then. It was a really neat job, but it did cause the...
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    N. 'Red Leopard' # 2

    Paid for. Shipped. And Recieved.
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    Nepenthes ventricosa

    Yes it was. And in good shape. Sorry for the delay in responding, was gone for the last 2 weeks.