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    Parasitic Plant

    Thanks @Tanukimo Spotted more growing in a roadway center divider on California Buckwheat. I am notifying the Conservancy of this occurrence in hope of helping relocate it. I’ve watched some great Youtube vids about this strange plant. Wish I had a more suitable growing space for it myself.
  2. Dodder RPV 6.20.22b.JPG

    Dodder RPV 6.20.22b.JPG

  3. Dodder RPV 6.20.22a.JPG

    Dodder RPV 6.20.22a.JPG

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    Red sphagnum - really strange and/or interesting

    Here is mine. Don’t be alarmed, it’s not really blood. Naturally colored, believe it or not. Sphagnum rubellum from Oregon.
  5. red Sphagnum 6.7.22.JPG

    red Sphagnum 6.7.22.JPG

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    Parasitic Plant

    Photoed this one yesterday: Dodder on iceplant. Might be fun to put it on a houseplant. But not on one of my prized CPs.
  7. dodder.JPG


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    D. capillaris breeding

    Thanks @hcarlton. A polyploid D. capillaris complex which includes hybrids with intermedia and maybe even spatulata? Right, capillaris is surely just a single extremely variable and adaptable species with varying forms for occupying differing niches. While visiting the Florida Panhandle I...
  9. D.cap.TylerCo.Texas 5.23.22.JPG

    D.cap.TylerCo.Texas 5.23.22.JPG

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    Killer Monkeys

    Funny, thanks bluemax. Over the weekend I saw these beauties while out hiking, Bush Monkeyflower. Hummingbirds were busy. I noticed the leaves had many fly specks. I guess it’s a bonus left by insects visiting the flowers.
  11. orange monkey 4.22.22.JPG

    orange monkey 4.22.22.JPG

  12. monkey fly specks.JPG

    monkey fly specks.JPG

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    Killer Monkeys

    My Monkey Flowers discussed in my earlier Primitive Carnivory Analyzed thread (Quasi Carnivores forum) are most like butterworts so might prove popular in this forum. There are no butterworts in my home area of Southern California but we do have some lovely and interesting Monkey Flowers. Some...
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  15. x neocarn #3 12.2.20.jpg

    x neocarn #3 12.2.20.jpg