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    A neat lil parasite plant

    Both plants are very cool!
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    Move over Shultz Aquatic Plant Soil...

    I think that succulents can't be THAT picky. If succulents required soil such as that there would be none! And the cherrystone... it... looks very similar to a material that is quarried in my area. It is pinkish/purple limestone-ish rock. Alkaline for sure if that is indeed what it is. That's...
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    Baby critters!

    Cute, really. Wildlife is always interesting for sure. I worked at an animal shelter several years ago. It was my fist job. We got some wildlife but mostly cats and dogs. I was assigned to the cats. I don't like cats all that much. Then I got to know the cats, and started to like them. But...
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    Reducing the size of pine needles?

    There are cultivars with very short needles out there that would be better suited for what you wan to do, but they are very slow growing and not commonly available.
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    The worst concept for a phone application, ever.

    Yeah, but I think it was an independent application that was somehow passed by the company's reviewers. The problem is that they allowed it, not that they made it. I don't think they actually produced it themselves. That would make this much more interesting...
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    The worst concept for a phone application, ever.

    I found this story when checking tech news. It is probably the worst concept that you could possibly come up with for a downloadable phone application. It's called the 'baby shaker' - I am not shocked by much but... wow. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30354894/ The plug- Absolutely repulsive...
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    The off-topic topic

    Swords, I actually mean Crassula 'Spring Time', that's the name of the C. rupestrus hybrid. http://www.cactus-art.biz/schede/CRASSULA/Crassula_cultivar/Crassula_springtime/Crassula_springtime.htm . Thanks for the propagation info, I suppose I can assume that it's similar to jade plant, then?
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    The off-topic topic

    *---------------------------------------------------------* This is very successful at another forum that I visit. Essentially what this does is create a place to post and discuss topics that are not necessarily important enough to warrant starting a new thread over. As there is no set topic...
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    5-Hour Energy Drink-Shot Thing

    Aren't those bottles always tiny though? I always thought those things had to super concentrated if they packed all that energy crap into that tiny bottle, but the scale how much is actually in there is shocking. Ick...
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    Karnivoren: A Review

    Ah. Your review is so well written, as well as not being either all in italics or not, I had assumed the non italicized portions not including the book name was copy and pasted from a book review site, and that your opinion was that it was overrated (because of the italics) by the book review...
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    Karnivoren: A Review

    Why? Were the photos not all that great?
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    Revival Via Propagation

    I didn't know Echeveria could be so temperamental. I have had one for several years that I put outside in the summer and I ignored it. It just did fine with summer storms. I just recently got some different kinds so i will have to be more careful, I suppose. Good to see they are so easy to...
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    Happy Birthday Blokeman!

    Happy birthday. Be glad you are safely out of earshot or else we would be oblidged to sing you that stupid song that is always embarrassing to be sung to no mater if it is the first time or the 100th.
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    freakin cat

    I don't know how to say this, but... I've been seeing other forums :blush:. :grin: In addition, school got busy and all. I usually show up here in cycles anyhow, ya know? Pop in for a few months and then fall off the face of the earth. It's all good, though.
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    freakin cat

    Wrong grass. :-)) I kid, I kid!