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    I heart neps

    cant wait to see the uppers on that neo to see if its the true form...
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    Great Fathers Day Gift!

    nice, i wanna do something like that!
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    Great Fathers Day Gift!

    i think that car sold... oh well!
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    Great Fathers Day Gift!

    yeah, it floods.
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    Great Fathers Day Gift!

    dont be! :P thats all i can say! hey let me get your # then i case i want some parts. my gf wants one too. we're looking at one thats 2800.00 but running. has stock computer but has street port, full RB exhaust, rims, pear white paint, and is turbo.
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    Great Fathers Day Gift!

    thanks! i do a brake flush and bleed when the car is out of the shop. like you said, ill do that to make sure the car stops.  the rotors and pads look pretty new, so i dont think ill do anything to them. well for right now, ill keep it top ic. someone else is going to tune the car for me but i...
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    Truncata Pictures

    mauahaha! just dont fall in there aga!
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    Do the pitchers need to be in the sun

    well they dont need to be in the sun. i think the sun helps out to get the plants get bugs. there are markings on the interior of the pitchers, those markings reflect UV light that attracts a near by insect or so to the pitchers. then lid plays an important role as the lamding pad. i bet there...
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    Great Fathers Day Gift!

    muahahaha! you know i will! but first the downer! i have to break in my motor first and then some to really mess around with it. i think this car was making some 270hp not fulling tuned. its not running stock on the computer, it has a micro tech hooked up. other things like street port brings it...
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    Great Fathers Day Gift!

    i was wondering where you were bugfreak!!!! thanks! hey is your hubby's celica RWD? maybe have like a drift com. or something.... what do you mean by this?
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    Great Fathers Day Gift!

    so this is my present! a 1987 mazda rx7 turbo. Round taillights... garrett hybrid t4/t3 turbo... full racing beat exhaust... greddy tubo timer and gauges... 17" konig rims with cross drill slotted rotors...
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    more pics!

    yeah thanks!
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    my first fathers day!

    it was a nice fathers day yesterday as i got a FC3s for the very first time!
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    N. albomarginata purple/black

    i think i seen spotted forms like that...
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    Eating Nepenthes?

    any one had an ostrich burger? i want one!!!!