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    Found this little guy in the garden

    Is it really naturally that blue/ green colour? And the leaves look quick thick, like little biscuits. That is absolutely stunning! I'll have to see if it's available here in Australia. Thanks for the pic.
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    Dendrobium gift box and culture questions.

    What he said! D. kingianum grows wild around where I live in Brisbane and I see MASSIVE plants growing on the rocks on the edge of a high ridge I go hiking up occasionally. It bakes up there in the summer and we get lows of around 10C in winter, and we do have definite seasons. All gnathaniel's...
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    One of my favourites that flowered a year or so ago; Paraphalaenopsis serpentilingua. A good size plant can have leaves that are 2 or 3 feet long and it grows upside down, hanging from the branches of a larger tree. Cheers, Troy
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    Mutant carnivorous flowers

    While photographing Drosera petiolaris last week I found a couple of plants with some seriously mutated flowers with a mess of tentacles all mixed in with the other flower parts. Some weren't too bad but have a look at this one in particular: I noticed a post in the VFT forum about a mutant...
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    Drosera falconeri

    @ bluemax: Thanks but I don't grow any CP's myself. I move around too much and my cultivated ones never look anywhere near as good as they do in the wild so I prefer to just look at them in situ. Once I know I'm going to be home for good I might give them a go again and I am thinking of going...
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    Drosera falconeri

    Hey all I have been doing field trips over the past few months trying to photograph every CP in the area as I'm not sure how long I'll be here. One of the Drosera I most wanted to see was D. falconeri but it's quite picky and you can be very close, and find lots of other species, but not...
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    Drosera and Byblis seeds available

    At the risk of this looking like a blatant plug for my site (I'm not selling anything so I hope admin doesn't mind) can I ask everyone that is interested in seed to keep an eye on my blog posts. Thanks to Natch, who posts here on the forum, I'm in contact with someone from Germany who is very...
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    Drosera and Byblis seeds available

    Hey all I am currently working in Darwin in the north of Australia and spend most of my weekends messing around in the sandy swamps around a place called Howard Springs. Allen Lowrie did a trip up here way back in 1991 when he discovered Byblis aquatica and there are several species of Drosera...
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    Hey peeps

    Hi all I'm not really new but it's been so long I may as well be with maybe 10 years(ish) since my last post? Life got in the way of my passion for CP's; kids at school, moving countries, changing (many) jobs, all making it difficult to indulge. Recently my work has brought me to an interesting...
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    Serving size

    Probably had a limb amputated!
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    Serving size

    Vitamins etc aside, I eat cause I like it! Eating a fine meal is definitely one of life's pleasures, along with good company and a good laugh.
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    Serving size

    I agree Jim, the "official" serving size on most packets is ridiculous, even those mini packs of peanuts that they used to serve when you got on a plane were about 1 1/2 servings. Incidentally, I make my pancakes exactly the same way you do, one mega-flapjack that fills the pan. I only have to...
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    Longest tendrill

    N longifolia is named for the fact that it has long tendrils. I have seen them over 1m long in larger plants.
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    Can you drink the fluid 4rm newly opend pitcher?

    * scratches his head * I'm trying to think of something that DOESN'T taste better when you drink a beer afterward ?
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    Can you drink the fluid 4rm newly opend pitcher?

    Yeah it's used as a sterile eye wash in Indonesia and Borneo. I have trid it from lots of different Neps and the flavour actually changes depending on the species. Singalana and eustachya fluid is thin and watery and doesn't have much taste, rafflesiana (at least in Brunei) tastes like cr@p...