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    Orchids in a Sarracenia lagoon

    Ah, gorgeous. Great shot
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    Actual, factual, for real LED lighting

    Hey yall, thanks for all the LED wisdom! I would love to build a serious DIY setup in the future, but I'm not there yet, ha. I ended up swapping out the fixture I bought for a two bulb T5-HO fixture :) I was a little sad to return the LED lamp, it was a cool toy- but the new light is almost 5...
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    Actual, factual, for real LED lighting

    Okay, so I bought a new LED light- I've been doing some research and talking with folks at the indoor farming store (god bless you berkeley), but it was definitely an impulse buy. Still I think I did it right, though I'd appreciate some knowledgeable feedback. It's a four foot fixture for my...
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    U. calycifida monster

    Beautiful :) would those propagate? Do you cut the pot or just chop off the bladders? Thanks
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    Leaf pulling methods?

    Yeah, take as many as you can without setting back the mother- I've always felt a little healthy stress can do a lot for a plant, as long as it's otherwise stable in good conditions. I went back and pulled the rest of the succulent leaves off that laueana after reading this, I'm glad I did!
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    Leaf pulling methods?

    'What if they don't take?' They'll just get brown and shrivel up and die, you'll know. Really you do just have to wait, there's not a whole lot to adjust. I put mine on a bed of chopped sphagnum in a regular pot in a tray- I use the little clear plastic dome with a hole in the top that came with...
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    Confused About Aphids

    Hi Mona, I can't speak for your plants specifically, but I've had some mixed results using neem oil on certain droseras and pings- I definitely damaged some plants with a strong concentration. My feeling is that the tissues of pings and the trichomes of some sundews are too sensitive for the...
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    Cephalotus leaf yellowing

    Out of curiosity, what kind of medium are you using? I've found that seating my cephalotus on the peak of its own little hill of peaty sand has really helped with the buffering. It seems like the hill allows for better air flow around the roots, so I can let it get real wet without worrying...
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    Polytunnel/Hoop house Automatic watering

    Cool, sounds like you've got a good thing going. I've found in general that a lot of cp's that people suggest be grown off the tray method actually do well with trays if they're in general low humidity/high heat conditions, so maybe experiment with using trays anywhere you can to cut down on...
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    Polytunnel/Hoop house Automatic watering

    HI, just wondering what species of neps you'd like to grow in the tunnel? They're usually meant to warm up and get fruit crops like tomatoes and peppers popping as early and late in the season as possible- I'd worry about cooking most neps, though I have next no no lowland experience. I do have...
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    Anza Borrego desert in bloom

    Really stunning! Thanks for the view :)
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    Brass and Nepenthes

    Not to hijack this thread, but what kind of concern should you have about raising the conductivity of the water? are soluble salts the only thing that can add to that?
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    Cephalotus question!

    Yup, it's a leaf. They also often produce weird intermediate leaves that are something between carnivorous and non-carnivorous leaves, which can be cupped pretty dramatically
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    Stalled ceph pitcher?

    sure, here's the best picture I could get this time of night..the 'stalled' pitcher is on the right, the newest one that just opened on the far left. It's also put out three new photosynthetic leaves. The whole thing might be three or four connected growth points, but I'm not sure how they would...
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    Stalled ceph pitcher?

    Quick question- my cephalotus has been workin on a really nice pitcher consistently all through winter, but now with better light and temps, it seems like new growth is taking off and that one much-awaited lil guy has just about stalled. Is it likely ever to open? It even put out and opened a...