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    Yescom225 setup for drosea

    Hi all Hope I post at right place I have a plant shelf with compartment of 1ft and I ordered a yescom 225 for setup the cp green house My question is, how height should I set the yescom225 above the cps? I have Few Pygmy drosera, Drosera Capnesis and Drosera Adelae and Pings and Dionaea
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    Help with Drosera Sidjamseii, sprout seems killed by moss

    Few weeks before I bought a pot of Drosera Sidjamseii, 2 mature Drosera with flower. One of them died, but few sprouts were found, at same time, moss started to grow vigorously. And one sprout is already disappeared. What can I do to improve they survival rate? I grow indoor, with full...
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    Hello from DroseraNik from HK

    I am new to cp and I really love Drosera, esp. Pygmy Drosera