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    Sarracneia rosea × minor var okeefenokeensis seeds (ca. 25) (Droserabug $10)

    thanks so much warren. thank you for donating. seeds received.
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    Sarracenia Minor Specimen Pendant (Droserabug $18)

    item received. awesome work by donor an thanks for donating.
  3. DroseraBug

    Sarracenia Various Clones (SgtSarracenia $23)

    Up for auction are at least three clones chosen from my gardens. I will pay shipping/handling. Bidding starts at $10. US only. I will ship USPS Priority Mail. Please pm following the end of auction. Thank you.
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    Tie Dye T-Shirt Time!! (circles) (DroseraBug $10)

    Item received. Auction closed. Thanks for donating.
  5. DroseraBug

    Arisaema triphyllum - Jack in the Pulpit - Native Wildflower (DroseraBug $7)

    Item received. Looks healthy to me. Thanks a bunch. Auction closed.
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    10 Venus Flytraps of my Choice (Cthulhu138 $50)

    Ships tomorrow. Please confirm when receive.
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    Sarracenia 'Saxapahaw' - ghse1guy $125

    Shipped to winner today.