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    B. guehoi in the tropics

    Hey Cindy, Now you're beginning to see what my B. 'Goliath' research is all about and why I think that B. 'Goliath' is actually 4 Byblis species in one. :bigthumpup: B. 'Goliath' = B. guehoi, B. rorida, B. aquatica and B. filifolia. So now you've also witnessed too, that flower morphology is...
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    My Heliamphora neblinae variants

    Great plants as always Butch... Good to see you alive and kickin, ; ) Happy Growing, Brian
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    Drosera ascendens x schwackei

    Hello Friends, Well, it looks like Spring has sprung...in Florida at least! ;D Here's a few fast shots of my Drosera ascendens x schwackei in flower. A special thanks to Dani O. for letting me grow this fantastic hybrid. ;) [Edit: The status of Drosera ascendens or Drosera villosa var...
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    real Heliamphora neblinae

    Nice Helis guys, Thanks for sharing them! Brian
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    H. chimantensis photos

    Hello Friends, Here's a few more quick shots of one of my Heliamphora chimantensis plants. The cooler temperatures are assisting in coloring them up a little more... ;)
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    H. sp. "Angasima" photos

    Hey Thez, Hmmm...sounds about right. In my conditions, the lowest temps my Heliamphora see are usually around 60F in Winter and 70F in Summer, on a 12 hr. photoperiod. I never allow temps to go higher than 78F, but then again they are all grown indoors. Mix is... I'd say around 80% live...
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    H. sp. "Angasima" photos

    Thanks! Thez, what are your growing conditions? Brian
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    H. sp. "Angasima" photos

    Hello Friends, Here's a few quick shots of one of my Heliamphora sp. "Angasima" plants, with emphasis on the nectar spoon. Please enjoy! :) Brian
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    H. sp. "Akopan" photos

    Thanks! I use 4 -T5 blue and 4-T5 red spectrum bulbs.... Brian
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    H. sp. "Akopan" photos

    Thanks Thez, Yours is coming along nicely as well! :clap: Happy Growing, Brian
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    H. sp. "Akopan" photos

    Thanks! Actually, I think it can go either way, but don't quote me on that... ; ) Happy Growing, Brian
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    H. sp. "Akopan" photos

    Hello Friends, As promised, today begins posting of the Heliamphora species within my collection. Other Heliamphora growers please feel free to post photos of said species as well if you have them! I think we can make an awesome thread by doing so... :) Happy Growing, Brian
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    Mt. Roraima Expeditions 2011

    Dear Friends, I hope you all have had a pleasant start to 2011. As you may be aware, Redfern Natural History Productions has raised and donated over US $ 8,000 to support the work of Meadowview Biological Research Station in the conservation of the habitat of Sarracenia and other carnivorous...
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    H. sp. "Foothills Testigos"

    Thanks Everyone, As far as lighting goes, I've had great success with the new BadBoy T5 setups, with two blue and two red spectrum bulbs set in an offset (one blue, one red) pattern on a 12 hr on 12 hr off photoperiod. Humidity is kept above 60% at all times using a cool-mist room humidifier...
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    H. sp. "Foothills Testigos"

    Hey Friends, Since few photos exist online of this magnificent new Heliamphora species...presenting Heliamphora sp. "Foothills Testigos" ; Note the slight differential between this red pitcher and the tallest one in the pot.. Here's a quick shot of one of the Heli-nursery chambers...