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    dorstenia and antplant

    I have two ant plants. I friend of mine has several antplants and a number of Dorestenia.
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    For Sale Fresh Drosera hartmeyerorum seeds for sale

    Native to Australia, Drosera hartmeyerorum has long, thin leaves which, over time, tend to curl around any insect unfortunate enough to land on them. A unique trait of this species is the round yellow trichomes at the base of the leaves. The function of these trichomes is uncertain but it is...
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    Dripping sticky blobs

    Sounds like ya have a slobberer there. heh
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    Best way to ship gemmae?

    Sound similar to what I do when mailing Drosera and Byblis seeds.
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    Best way to ship gemmae?

    Thanks, Hawken. Mailing in the US, what would you say is an average postage price for mailing a padded envelope?
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    Best way to ship gemmae?

    So what have you found to be the best, economical way of mailing them? Padded envelope?
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    You belong outside...

    Probably been munching on bugs in your home you didn't know were there. :)
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    Plant of the Month July 2021

    Well here's a dew ..... Drosera prolifera
  9. Dros prolifera 4.JPG

    Dros prolifera 4.JPG

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    Very nice. Cynorkis, fastigiata is one of the terrestrials on my want list.
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    A trip to Jeremiah's

    That is one lovely sarr Tis a beauty! I like! Egads! That pitcher is the size of that person's torso! heh heh Forgive my ignorance, but what is the white mass in the lid? The coloration on that one is exquisite. One of my favorite neps ... but one I will never grow. Would be far too...
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    Hawken, the leaves on your den look really dark. Try upping the light levels.
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    (PAID) (John7429 $17) Agave victoria-regina

    shipping payment received, and pkg sent
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    (PAID) (John7429 $17) Agave victoria-regina

    Still waiting on shipping info and shipping payment.