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    I've got a weird one, maybe.

    That's fair. Okay. Thank you.
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    I've got a weird one, maybe.

    So I put my drosera binata into dormancy. I have read that isn't necessary, but I was playing it safe. It was definitely a drosera binata when I put it to sleep. So in the meantime, I got a drosera multifida. The two pots were nowhere near each other. One was outside or in the garage, the...
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    Red VFTs

    Akai ryu, in my opinion.
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    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    Oh, and you asked about my winters. I live in Chicago, so it gets pretty cold. Anytime it got into the twenties, I would move them to an unheated laundry room for a bit. I was aiming for a temperature in the 30s at most times. All the other plants made it. I'm hopeful the sarracenia will too.
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    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    Yeah, I will keep that plant in there until at least the summer if necessary. I love that thing. So I grew them in 2012, but a batch of salty sand killed my plants and made me step back and do a lot more research before I got back in. I have been growing seriously since 2018. I have kept to...
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    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    I wintered it in the garage. At some point, it just went all the way brown, and it was my hope that it still had some life left in there. I still have it in my grow tent. Hopefully something sparks.
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    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    I'm so sad. My S. Purpurea "Fat Chance" has been under my grow light for nearly two weeks, and is not yet reviving. That plant was from the first batch of CPs I bought back in 2018. Had one successful dormancy, but maybe didn't make it through the second. Ah well. I guess I need to replace it...
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    Drosera ID?

    Yeah, looks like a natalensis as well. It's tricky distinguishing the rosette sundews.
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    Why not. My current grow list.

    VFTs: two large-mouth varieties, and one long-leaf variety. No specific cultivar has ever been applied to them, so I'm assuming all are "common." Sarracenia: one S. Purpurea "Fat Chance" and one Purpurea hybrid with long, tall pitchers. Nepenthes: one N. Ventrata, which needs to be kept in a...
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    Drosera ID?

    Yeah, thanks for the response. I finally wound up over at growsundews.com last night, and mine are the spitting image of his. So now I know.
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    Drosera ID?

    Seeds were sold to me as "D. Natalensis," but they don't necessarily look consistent with all the pictures I see online. Some do, some don't. TIA! https://i.imgur.com/McrgamU.jpg
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    Hi from Chicago.

    I'm still learning how the site works and all that, but I just saw your grow list. We may have to work out some trades, sales, or whatever needs to happen, because you've got some REALLY cool stuff. I'll meet you at the Mars Cheese Castle. Haha
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    Tanya(flytrapgurl) has a message for you all

    Well. I'm a new member, and this was a fun adventure. Lol
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    Recommendation for beginners CP's

    I'm not home to do an immediate direct comparison, but looking at the photos online, I think you're right. Lol These were among the first plants I bought. I thought I had spatulata for over 2 years now. Lol