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    Shogg hybrids

    This is a really cool thread. Love the laueana x sumidero.
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    Post Pics of your Homemade Hybrids!

    I've always loved pings and have a decent little collection. I can't wait until Spring when I have multiple plants blooming at the same time so I can make some hybrids. Really want to cross my 2 laueana clones, cyclosecta x sumidero, colimensis x laueana, cyclosecta x colimensis, etc. I also...
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    Growth Tips Dying?

    Do you fertilize? I recently caused a nepenthes disaster in my collection with too much if the (apparently) wrong fertilizer.
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    N. singalana x hamata

    Can we see some updates? I've got one coming and I would love to see how these plants turned out!!
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    Taking the plunge - My first Cephalotus

    Where did you get that awesome white sand?
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    Repotting cephalotus?

    I just received a young adult cephalotus planted in pure LFS in a small pot. Should I go ahead and repot it in a sand/peat/perlite mix in a larger pot, or should I wait? The soil it's in seems kind of old and compacted and the pot's tiny.
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    Pinguicula colimensis

    I'm thinking maybe its remaining dormant bc it doesn't like the media it's in ( pure perlite). All my other pings are producing summer leaves, so I'm just kind of wondering. I know colimensis is a bit pickier than your average ping. I'm not trying to force it, just make it happy in my...
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    Pinguicula colimensis

    Is anyone's colimensis still dormant? I got mine while it was dormant and made the mistake of planting it in a normal ping mix, where it sat motionless for about a month. Then I planted it in pure perlite and it still did nothing. It's got a couple of very small glandular leaves that are almost...
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    June Wistuba Shipment

    Well my plants arrived and I'm in Utah, halfway across the country from my house! Luckily I have an awesome boyfriend who potted them up for me and from the pictures they sent me they look pretty healthy! Thank God!!
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    Orchid 30-10-10 = Smaller pitchers?

    Yeah glad I realized what was going on before the damage was irreversible. I just figured 30-10-10 would all be the same regardless of brand. Won't be using that stuff again!!
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    Orchid 30-10-10 = Smaller pitchers?

    I know normal Miracle-Gro is bad for CPs but I thought the orchid fertilizer would be ok for the Neps. I'm definitely not going to fertilize for a while and, when I do, it will be with Maxsea. The only reason I used the 30-10-10 is that I've seen it recommended in various places, obviously it is...
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    Orchid 30-10-10 = Smaller pitchers?

    Hey everybody, I've been using a Miracle-Gro brand orchid fertilizer on my plants for a few months and the results seem a bit dubious. I diluted the fert to approx 1/4 strength and have been using it every 2 weeks as a foliar feed and a little bit through the soil. I'm wondering if anyone has...
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    June Wistuba Shipment

    Well mine won't get here until Monday, which is the day I leave town for a week. Great.
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    June Wistuba Shipment

    Good to know I'm not the only one! I thought maybe I'd been skipped over somehow. What all did you guys order? This was kind of a test shipment for me so I only ordered a few plants - N. aristolochioides, N. jaquelineae, N. muluensis, and N. tenuis.
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    June Wistuba Shipment

    Hey all, I'm awaiting some plants that are supposed to be shipped in June from Germany. Is anyone else waiting on a plant order and, if so, have you heard anything about it? I'm going out if town on July 8th and am starting to wonder. I ordered them in April and never thought I would be looking...