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    D. aliciae or D. admirabilis?

    I agree that the first one is D. aliciae. The second one looks like D. tokaiensis to me.
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    Drosera plants

    Hmm, I'm still skeptical. I took a couple pictures of a recently transplanted D. intermedia "Cuba" that looks younger than Cindy's, but you can see the leaf shape is almost exactly the same. Here they are compared: With D. nidiformis, you're be able to see the dip/bowing no matter what the...
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    Drosera plants

    Doesn't D. nidiformis have more of a flat top the leaf and not a slightly pointed tip? It also has a dip in the leaf most of the time and I don't see that in pic #3. I also find that young D. rotundifolia plants have much wider lamina than pic #4, such as the one in this pic found on Google...
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    Drosera plants

    1. D. tokaiensis 2. D. intermedia 3. D. anglica from hawaii maybe? Possibly D. intermedia too though 4. D. intermedia
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    Mass's GH

    Stunning plants, as per usual!
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    Environmental destruction poster - I need your help!

    Thanks for voting Peatmoss. :) @Drew: That's strange. Both links work for me. ??? @RBall: That's definitely a great idea, but very time consuming. I only had 9 periods to do it and I started and completed it in one day before the due date because of certain problems before hand. Sorry...
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    Environmental destruction poster - I need your help!

    Thanks Lance!! Hahaha, classic Jon. Vote by liking it on Facebook or tweeting it. You can vote here: http://youthvoices.adobe.com/awards/...5362816b0008c4
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    Environmental destruction poster - I need your help!

    Hello everyone, Sorry I haven't been very active on the forums lately. I made this poster in school for a contest from Adobe. They call it "Adobe Youth Voices". The idea is to make a poster, video, poem, song, etc. of something that matters to you. I chose environmental destruction. By...
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    Plant of the Month January 2013

    update picture of D. oblanceolata. Sorry for the blur. :p
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    mystery drosera

    Yep, D. intermedia.
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    Pic of the Day

    Very nice!!
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    Got new glass?

    More cat pictures. :P They're not as sharp when blown up all of the way because the shutter speed was slightly too low (Was working with low light), but I am otherwise happy with these pics.
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    Got new glass?

    Love it!
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    Got new glass?

    Beautiful pictures! I haven't been up to much photography for a little while because of exams, but here is one I snapped of my friend's cat. The iso was very high (I think 3200) and I dodged a lot of shadows under his eyes and such. I also cropped it, sharpened it a very small amount, and...