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    Deminishing leaf size help

    So heres my update, it still continued to put out smaller and smaller leaves in quick succession (like 1 new leaf ever 3 weeks) but luckily seems to have started to settle. Im hoping it's a good sign that it has tiny pitchers forming and finally (even though VERY small) put out a bigger leaf...
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    If you had the chance to make any nepenthes cross?

    Its kind of a complex hybrid but id like to see a nepenthes edwardsiana x villosa x hamata x diabolica. Get all the toothiest species into one. Would be interesting to see what would come out on top for attributes
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    Deminishing leaf size help

    So far I've adjusted the lights down seeing that my other nepenthes have red leaves after adjusting in the tank. My only other thought was that it could be lacking nutrients and started using Neptune's harvest fish and seaweed fertilizer seeing as it hasn't had any in a few months. I was...
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    Deminishing leaf size help

    I purchased a Nepenthes Diabolica roughly 3 months ago and have placed it in my terrarium where it gets consistent temps, humidity, and light. The day temps are between 70 to 73 and night temps are between 50 and 52. It gets 12 hours of light from a full spectrum led light and humidity is...
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    Unkown flowering nepenthes!

    I have had this nepenthes for going on 2 years now. It has now just started to flower! I'm pretty excited because this is the first flowering nepenthes I've ever had. Can anyone help me identify if this is male or female by any chance? and heres the unknown nepenthes pitcher unfolding
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    Transporting nepenthes tips?

    Im going to be moving in a few days and im a bit worried about the transportation of my little carnivorus beauties. Any tips on transporting them so they experiance the minimum amount of shock?
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    Nepenthes burkei x hamata

    Hmm... interesting that you say that. My other one is the same and has slowly been growing in size and just recently started putting out pitchers. Im interested to see if there's variations in these seed grown plant's.
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    Nepenthes burkei x hamata

    Gorgeous pitcher! Mind if I ask if you're using any fertiliser? Mines so far put out three pitchers and starting to inflate a fourth. Again gorgeous pitcher and can't wait for the peristomes to darken up like that!
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    Nepenthes burkei x hamata

    And eric how long did it take for the peristome to darken up like that? Its been a little over a month and mine is only starting to get red around the outside.
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    Nepenthes burkei x hamata

    The pitcher i posted on here is an inch long but the newest one that is yet to pop open seems to be growing larger than that so we will see.
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    Nepenthes burkei x hamata

    Thats mine so far. Showing a good bit of the teeth from the N. Hamata. I know in a thread i previously started someone had posted a good sized one. I havnt seen one bigger since they had posted it